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Red…I See Something Red…

I thought we would try our hand at a theme this week – so, red, it is! Munchkin is 18 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time Floor Play
Monday red crayons, stickers, glitter on white paper scissors and red paper errr…??
Tuesday stamping on red paper pouring matching red food puzzles
Friday red playdough red button shape match duplo


I also put together a sensory bin filled with: red pom poms, red buttons, red fabric rose petals, red glass floral rocks, a couple of red candle holders, a red covered notebook, red silicone cupcake liners, a fabric tomato, red play forks, some red wood blocks and a red fan.


I should preface this by saying that the day started out just fine, but by dinner time Miss Munchkin had a 100.8 degree fever.

The sensory bin was a total flop on Monday. Munchkin played in the bin for about, oh, 5 minutes in the morning, and didn’t go back to it at all the rest of the day, not even when prompted. She did like the red glass floral rocks, but that was about it.

After breakfast she did ask for “art,” so we sat at the table with all our red art materials. As soon as Munchkin saw the glitter glue, she was no longer interested in anything else. She couldn’t quite get the hang of squeezing the pen though, so I squeezed dots onto the paper for her, and she smushed it around with her fingers. The dot stickers are really, really old so they flaked off of the sheet really easily and still stuck down. This was actually fortunate, and they would have been too small for her otherwise. I had also grabbed a glue stick and some red glitter…but one grab from munchkin and a shake over the side of her highchair meant that we put that away fast! Luckily we keep a double beach towel under her high chair, so it was an easy shake off! She did enjoy this. Vocab used: red, sparkle, paper, paint, color, more.

Later in the day, Munchkin stumbled into my prep area (the office closet) and saw a dropper I’d been thinking about using. We switched up our quiet activity, and worked on transferring water between two little bowls. She got the hang of switching the dropper back and forth right away, but it took quite a while to get the squeezing down. Eventually, she got it…but only in the air! Munch thought it was really funny when I made the dropper blow bubbles into the bowls. She enjoyed dipping her fingers into each bowl, and enjoyed mopping up spills with the little piece of sponge. Vocab used: water, squeeze, clean, tray, bowl, more, wipe.

That’s all we got to for Monday. I forgot to plan a floor activity, but since by the afternoon she wasn’t feeling well, even if I’d planned it, we wouldn’t have got to it anyway. We finished the day with Baby Signing Time, and Cheerios for dinner!


No fever today, but still not a totally happy bunny.

We started our art project in the late morning. I asked Munchkin if she wanted to do some art, and she said “Art!” and ran to the table – I then had to distract her for two minutes while I pulled our supplies out! She got some small stamps with cute things like ducks, hearts, elephants, trains, flowers, etc. on them for Christmas, so I selected about 6 of those, put three blobs of acrylic paint on a small plate and showed her how to stamp. She got it right away, and had dun identifying the pictures on the stamps. The paint was on the plate a little too thick, so the images didn’t come out super well, but that meant that we could stamp a few times without reloading. This went really well. We also did some fingertip prints…and eventually the fingers ended up in the paint plate! Vocab used: bus, bear, dots, sun, meow, duck, quack, “ssss” (snake), boat, choo-choo, blue, paint, brown, white, oh-no, bird, paper, me, plate, table, mess, button, stamps, hold, hand, more, color.

After this, while I prepared lunch, Munchkin found another activity I’d been preparing – fake flower stems and a hot pepper shaker, so she got to arrange flowers while I arranged lunch! Before she started we both signed flower, and she said “pink.” I had been worried that the top of the shaker was too small/the flower blooms were too big, but she managed to get about three stems in all at the same time before she couldn’t see the holes anymore. We returned to this activity a couple of times throughout the day, and especially had fun after dinner we also tickled each other with the flowers.

We continued to work with the bowls, sponge and dropper today. Munchkin did squeeze the dropper, pull up some water and got it transferred to the other bowl. We also discovered that the sponge soaked up all the water from the bowl, and could be squeezed out into the other bowl. I looked away, and Munch was then just pouring the water between the two bowls – and not spilling much either! Since she was having such a great time pouring – and mopping up any little spills, I let her continue with this for quite a while.

We didn’t get to the food puzzles today. It was a gorgeous day, so we went outside to play instead.

A couple of times throughout the day, I suggested the sensory bin, but Munckin wasn’t interested. After dinner, I asked if we could sit down and look at it together and got a positive response. Once she saw the pom poms, she was hooked! She loved putting them in and tipping them out of the cups. She also liked looking through the little notebook and feeling wind from the fan on her face. Hopefully she will play with it throughout the rest of the week.

Red Bin

Red Bin


Friday was rough :) Munchkin’s cold seemed to have come back, my husband and I had been up until 2am the night before installing a new water heater and fixing a leak…good times. Nothing seemed to occupy Munch on Friday morning. She was overtired and not a happy bunny. We did lots of activities, but each one only kept her happy for a few minutes at a time – if that!

At the hardware store, my husband had picked up some short, stubby nuts and bolts. We tried them out early in the morning. I put them in a tray, and we practiced carrying them over to the floor and (trying) to keep them on the place mat. Munchkin liked twisting the nuts that were already on the bolts, feeling the weight of them…and wearing them on her fingers as rings.

We have a magnet set that Munchkin likes to look at too. At the moment, her favoring thing to do is have the backgrounds taken out for her, and put them right back in. We much have done this 10 or so times. The backgrounds are two sided. No matter how I gave them to her, she put them back in with the original two showing, in the same spots.

We did get up to the table for some red play-doh as planned. Munchkin had a great time stamping designs on balls of dough, and held onto the handles of a rolling pin to make a pattern on some flattened dough. All too quickly though, the dough started going in her mouth (which is unusual) and she threw a couple of things, so we ended the activity.

The red bin did see some play on Friday, and I also pulled out the food puzzles I had planned to do on Wednesday. I didn’t get any photos of us working on these, but Munch was happy to sit as I demonstrated the puzzles, named the foods she knew, and then put the raspberry puzzle together herself. The pepper puzzle posed a challenge as the cut was the other direction. Friday was not a day for much trying, so she got frustrated very quickly and we moved on.

Our art wall, as of the end of the week:


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  1. Tricia says:

    So excited to see a new family enter the Tot School blogging world! You are your daughter are off to an amazing start. She is obviously quite brilliant and I can’t wait to see what the two of you get up to next!

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