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Black? White! Day? Night!

I picked up a couple of books about opposites during our last library visit: “Black? White! Day? Night!” by Laura Vacarro Seeger and “Maisy Big, Maisy Small” by Lucy Cousins. I also found some great puppy themed opposite flashcards that are perfect for Munchkin. In fact, she found them ahead of time, and asked to carry a couple around the house with her. Munchkin has also been really enjoying puzzles lately. She’s pretty accomplished at 6 and 9 piece puzzles, but still needs help with 12 piece puzzles. I ordered a new box of four 12-piece puzzles, so those will be out all week.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art Sensory Paperwork Practical/Fine Motor
Tuesday wet and dry chalk drawing sorting warm and cold op-pup-site matching folding washcloths
Thursday black paper, white paint heavy and light sorting ? tongs and sorting big/small


Anytime tray: velcro popsicle sticks

Sensory bin: a new box of puzzles!


The box of puzzles arrived today and were a huge hit! I ordered a set of Melissa and Doug vehicle puzzles. Munchkin spent a long, long time working on just the train puzzle. We worked on it together, and she also worked on it by herself. She must have done and re-done the train puzzle about 12 times throughout the afternoon before I was even able to get her to look at the other puzzles. Munchkin and Daddy also worked with the velcro popsicle sticks and made some shapes.


Munchkin started her Tuesday trays by picking chalk drawing. She picked white paper, and drew a few lines with chalk. I then gave her a little bowl of water to dip her chalk into. We tried smudging the dry and wet chalk, and noticed the difference between the two.

Next, we worked with some adorable “oppupsite” matching cards from Munchkin just loved these. We matched about 3-4 pairs at a time, and with talking through them, she was able to do just about all the matches.

The next tray Munchkin chose was a warm/cold sorting task. I had filled two little bins with matching items. One was stored in the freezer overnight, and the other was stored on a windowsill in the sun. We tipped all the items onto Munchkin’s tray, and then she picked up two identical items, placing the cold one in the bin labeled “cold” – in blue, and the warm one in the bin labeled “warm” – in red. She really liked this, and it it worked really well – except for the pom pom. Neither of us could really tell which was which.

We did briefly fold washcloths. She liked the idea of the tray, but not so much the actual doing of it. We got through a couple of cloths, and will try again another time. It was fun, but not very productive!


On Thursday, Munchkin was excited to see the warm/cold tray again, and especially to play with the two ballerinas. Next, she had a lot of fun using white paint on black paper. I gave her a couple of different brushes, and a paint roller from the dollar store that we hadn’t used before. She painted a couple of pages, and asked me to paint a few letters for her.

We worked through most of the other trays. I didn’t get around to putting out the heavy/light sorting, but she did well sorting and tonging pom poms into bins labeled “big” and “small.”

Here’s our art wall for the week:


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  1. Yuliya says:

    I always love seeing your school activities! The warm and cold sorting is a great idea! And the wet and dry chalk!

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