Adventures in Tot Schooling

Rainbow Fish

I love the book Rainbow Fish. I’ve taught Pre-School aged art classes based on it so it seemed like a natural choice for out tot school time.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art Sensory Paperwork Practical/Fine Motor
Tuesday tissue paper fish oobleck with sea creatures ocean tot pack pouring blue water
Thursday fingerpaint on fish cutout slime ocean tot pack cutting strips


Anytime tray: fishing busy bag

Sensory bin: no bin – we will use it for the sensory play



Over the weekend, Munchkin asked for cutting, so I bumped up the cutting strips up to our first day. She’s been able to maneuver the scissors for a couple of weeks now, but has tended to make one or two cuts and then rip the rest of the way across the cutting strip. This week we focused on making more cuts and cutting the whole way across the strip. We had quite a bit of success. Munchkin was receptive to watching me demonstrate, and did best when we counted out 4 or 5 cuts. Next she wanted to pour – and was so excited – so we focused on slowing down and pouring from the spout of the jugs. When water spilled, Munchkin thought it was absolutely hilarious, and used the sponge to mop up. She got the hang of squeezing the sponge back into the jug, which was also new.

Next, Munchkin wanted to work on ocean creature shadow matching, which she did well, and seemed to know the names of all the animals. Also in the tray was a sorting activity, sorting between creatures that live in the sea, and those that don’t. Since the two columns were topped by words, Munchkin had trouble remembering which side of the table was which, but she was able to tell me if something swam, flew, or ran.

Since I still had a little paint in the bottles, we brought out the bear painting from last week. Munchkin was excited to see this again!

Later, we headed outside for an ocean themed sensory bin. I wanted to make an ooblek cornstarch and water mixture, but didn’t have enough cornstarch. Some water beads, blue glitter, and blue food colouring, along with ocean creatures made it more fun. We played with this bin for at least an hour and had a great time making things swim. Munchkin particularly liked playing with a walrus.


We didn’t work on trays too much on Thursday, but the did come out again Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Munchkin worked on gluing tissue paper on to a fish cutout with her Daddy, did lots more cutting strips, and made an ocean sticker scene – we changed things up a bit. She also asked for trays over the weekend, so I pulled out some busy bags for her and the whole family sat down and worked on some other things. I didn’t get a picture of Thursday trays, and only one shot while we were working.

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