Adventures in Tot Schooling

Go, Dog, Go!

I am still refining and revising our plans as she transitions into some outside pre-school. She loves her teachers, and we hear a lot of chatter about two or three of the other kids she’s with. We also hear a ton about the music they do at school – which she loves! Drop off is hard for her, but it sounds like it’s getting easier quickly. The school has asked that she go three mornings a week for the next two weeks to get her over the “new student hump” and then we drop back down to two mornings, so I think we will do that, which may affect our time together somewhat.

This week, our activities are inspired by a favourite book, “Go, Dog, Go!” by Dr. Seuss. We will read the book as many days as we can – but she already knows the book inside out anyway. Since I feel she needs more options, I’m going to plan 4 activities per day. Any activities from Tuesday that can be repeated will also be presented as an option on Thursday, so she’ll probably have 6 or 7 options on our second tot school day. We will see how it goes.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art Sensory Paperwork Practical/Fine Motor
Tuesday gluing paper puffy paint Go Dog Go colouring sorting into red/green/yellow
Thursday make a party hat playdough Go Dog Go Snap dropper vinegar into baking soda


Anytime tray: dog sorting

Sensory bin: coins – change, a money box, sorting cups



The dog sorting activity is always a hit. She loves carrying those popsicle sticks around the house and having the dogs take part in daily life! I believe, when she saw the shoe box she said something like “It’s the puppies??” in a very excited voice. The money bin was also a hit. I just emptied out our change jar, put her money box in the bin, plus some plastic restaurant drink cups so that she could scoop and sort. I know money is dirty and germy, but most of this has been sitting in the change jar for years, so hopefully most of the germs are dead by now! (If not…I don’t want to know…)


Wow, did we have a good day!

We picked up some bear shaped honey squeeze bottles on clearance at the grocery store last week, and I wanted to come up with something for Munchkin, since she was so excited about them. I found a recipe for puffy paint, and whipped up three batches in traffic light colours. I think to say this was a hit would be an understatement – she LOVED it! She squeezed and poured paint over a couple of pieces of paper, then wanted to see what else was on offer. She returned to puffy painting at the end of totschool, and eventually completed five paintings! She was mostly content squeezing the bottles, but did want to dip her fingers in a couple of times.

Next, we moved on to some colour sorting and gluing. Following the theme, I drew circles in red, yellow, and green, like a traffic light, and ripped up paper in the same colours. Munchkin glued one paper in each circle, and was done!

Several weeks ago, I picked up some apple erasers in the dollar aisle – in red, yellow, and green – so Munchkin sorted them onto foam sheets of the matching colour. This was a quick task, and she only wanted to do it once.

Next, she chose to colour a Go, Dog, Go! sheet I had printed. I printed copies for both of us, and we both spent a long time on our sheets. For some reason, Munchkin doesn’t often ask to colour at home – though she often does at both grandparents’ houses, so this was nice.


I was a little overwhelmed by the options on Thursday! I pulled out all the trays except the colouring from Tuesday, plus the new ones. We ended up pulling the colouring off of the art wall and colouring again anyway!

Today, the first pull was to playdough. We had red, green, and yellow – but the yellow was all dried up, so we ended up with just two colours. We made lots of shapes, bracelets, smiley faces and other things. Munchkin came back to the playdough several times. Next, it was back to puffy painting with the teddy bears. This was just as much of a hit as Tuesday, and was also returned to a few times. At the end of our totschool time, Munchkin decided to get completely stuck in and got her hands involved.

She also did a little more gluing, requested the colouring sheet from her art wall, and colour matched her apple erasers. I think providing the same trays a couple of times a week has been really good. Outside of our official tot school time. I also provide the trays (or a subset) if she asks for them and we are at home. I think the trays came out two more times throughout the week, in addition to the Tuesday and Thursday activities documented above. All week she showed no interest in the Go Dog Go matching cards, so we didn’t do them. We did dropper vinegar into baking soda, which she thought was really funny, but I didn’t get any photos of that. We probably read our Go, Dog, Go! book about 4 or 5 times throughout the week, and she knows it well.



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