Adventures in Tot Schooling

Finishing Up/Transitioning

Our totschool journey is changing. This week, Munchkin will be visiting her new preschool with me two of the mornings, and next week she will start “school” two mornings a week. I’m about to start my ninth year teaching the dance program at this school and I just can’t say enough good things about the school, it’s philosophy and the staff. I’ve known my kids would be going to this school since before my husband and I even started dating! The school has a play based program, and she will be going to have some time away from me and with other children. At the moment, she stands back a lot if other kids are running around the equipment at the park, and she doesn’t react if another child takes away a toy she’s playing with at our mom/baby groups. I think school will help her be a little more assertive.

I do want to continue our totschool journey, because I just love seeing her grow, and I love seeing her love “working” and learning. We will shift down to just two days of totschool per week. I also think I’m going to go with book based themes for a while. I’m not ready to work through the alphabet with her yet. My intention with totschool was always to do lots of art and sensory play, and I feel like we’ve drifted from that this summer, so it will be good to refocus there too.

Since didn’t finish our totschool last week, and only worked two days this week, we ended up finishing up and kind of doing another week of farm themed activities.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Tuesday animal tracks in paint farm storybook farm roll and graph
Thursday chalk rubbing farm cutting strips farm matching


Anytime tray: nuts and bolts

Sensory bin: containers to open and close



Well, we started with matching – she does love matching! Then we moved onto a roll and graph from We’ve only worked with the roll and graph once before, and it went well. It went well again today and she really enjoyed throwing the dice across the table, telling me what was on top of the dice, and choosing her sticker for the graph. I think we only got to a total of 4, not 5 on the sheet, but we were working on this for quite a long time. Next, we moved onto finishing the farm rebus storybook. This has been a really nice project, and the first one we’ve come back to over several days. It would be nice to do some more long term projects.

Next, we used finger paint and some plastic farm animals to make tracks in paint. We had a good time! It also turned into finger paint, and maybe a little bit of arm painting too. I feel like Munchkin has been a bit more hesitant to do messy play, so I want to make sure we’re doing lots of it. We also haven’t been doing much messy play outside, so that needs to change too!


Today, Munchkin again quickly flitted through all three trays before coming back and working with each one for a longer period of time. Earlier in the week, she’d asked for cutting, and we discovered that she can now cut! She understands how her hands need to go in the scissors (and we have super neat ones with a spring assist), and how to hold paper in her other hand to make the scissors work. I found some farm pattern strips for her to cut, and we worked through them on and off all day.

We also worked with some cardboard squares I had prepared with different shapes and patterns created with a glue gun. We turned chalk on it’s side and made rubbings. Munchkin really didn’t have the hand of holding the chalk on it’s side, but like choosing pattern cards to go under the paper.

Lately, she’s been really into having me sing a song about colours that asks her to find something of a particular colour – and she’s pretty good at it too! I found the spinner pictured in one of the trays in the Dollar Aisle and thought it would save me from having to sing all the time. Not so much. We span for about two colours, and she just wanted the song again :)


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