Adventures in Tot Schooling

Down on the Farm

We’re working on the farm this week! We’ve a lot of animal or farm related activities in our list, and we’re even going to go and visit a local farm park!

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday Farm Sticker Scene Farm Activity Book Moon Balance Game
Tuesday Stamping Farm Matching and Book Bead Threading
Thursday Animal Tracks in Paint Farm Roll and Graph Crayon Rubbing


Anytime tray: pom pom colour sorting

Sensory bin: farm animals, Sylvanian animals, and play mat.



Munchkin picked the Circles and Moon game to start with. We took turns balancing cylinders onto the moon, but quickly moved on to the next activity – a farm sticker scene. This again lasted just a minute or two, before Munchkin wanted to move on to the third tray.

I think, since I’ve started introducing the trays versus one item at a time, Munchkin’s attention span has dropped – she wants to skip through and try everything out first. She doesn’t always want to return to a tray she’s rushed over. We will be altering our tot school next week, so I think this is something I need to take into account.

This was a farm story book she received from my grandad with rebus pictures, stickers, and a couple of other activities.  I wanted to try this with her as it was going to take quite a bit of concentration, but involved stickers (always a hit) and I thought she might be able to do it. We started out reading through the story. When a rebus picture came up, she easily found the matching sticker, stuck it over the top of the rebus outline, and we re-read the page. This went really well and we did about 5 pages before needing to switch to something else.

We rotated back through the farm sticker scene, and more cylinder fun with the circle moon game. Even though we rushed through the first time, we did spend a good amount of time on each tray the second time around.


As I was thinking about our Tuesday totschool on Monday evening I thought “Oh! We should go to the farm!” Duh. We have a city owned working/preserved farm park about 2 miles from our house. Chickens, geese, and peacocks roam free, there’s a fruit tree orchard, kitchen garden, vegetable gardens, petting/observation area and traditional farm with all the farm animals you’d expect, plus a huge climbing structure and lots of field space. We met a friend and his mum there on Tuesday morning, and had a great time!

This meant we saved our trays for the afternoon. Munchkin was excited when she saw the Farm story book again, and we worked on a few more pages. Another task in the book was to find the little duck hidden on each page, and cover it up with a big duck sticker. She loved this!

Next she chose threading wooden beads onto a plastic lace. We threaded enough beads to make two bracelets, and then she was all done! The lace wasn’t as sturdy as the pipe cleaners we’ve used in the past, so I had to help and hold a bit more than usual, and I think this was a little bit frustrating for her.

We worked on Farm matching next, from For her birthday we worked on all 12 matching pairs at once, but today Munchkin wanted the sheet cut down to six pairs – so I did. We matched each sheet once.

Munchkin then got a little frustrated. She kept asking to “bunny paint” – and I have no idea what that is. Last week she wanted to “mouse paint” and got equally annoyed when I didn’t know what she wanted to do. I managed to save the day by pulling out some foam bunnies, glue and cotton balls. I don’t know what she originally wanted, but this worked, and she made two bunnies!

Next she asked for droppers. I think she wanted to do the coloured water and coffee filter art we’ve done quite a few times. Unfortunately she was wearing a nice dress and it was quite close to dinner time so…she got an ice cube tray with half the recesses filled with water, and a dropper to transfer water between the recesses. Kept her happy and engaged!

That was it for our tot school this week. We did work on the story book a few more times, and will finish everything up next week.


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