Adventures in Tot Schooling

Shape Shakeup

This week, we’re working with all kinds of shapes. Some we are reviewing, some were never formally introduced, by Munchkin already knows them, and some are new too.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday gluing shapes magnet faces velcro popsicle sticks
Tuesday shape relief painting shape dot markers Melissa & Doug Clock
Thursday shape sorter stamping Mickey Shape Cards Duo Puzzles


Anytime tray: hexi cards

Sensory bin: foam shapes, colour wheel spinner, scoop



Muchkin discovered her bin after breakfast on Monday, and was thrilled! “New bin for you??” (She gets you and me backwards) We looked at the shapes for a long time. There were a couple of circles with smiley faces punched out, and she thought these were hilarious. When she found the spinner, she declared it a “clock” but soon started spinning the pointer. She found one foam heart in each colour, and laid it on the corresponding spinner section, all by herself. We played with shapes and colours for a good chunk of time.

We worked on our trays late in the day, before dinner (usually we work on them in the morning) and this might be part of the reason that Munchkin just rushed through them, and didn’t stick with anything for very long.

She started with magnet faces – matching colour of magnet, more than size. We did one face, and then quickly moved on.

Foam shape gluing was next. We talked about the shapes, did a few…and moved on!

Then we made some shapes from velcro popsicle sticks. This was fun! We even managed to fit two triangles on top of a diamond, to see how the diamond was made up. Munchkin requested a circle, but the best I could do was an octagon.


We worked on our trays much earlier in the day on Tuesday, but Munchkin still rushed through them.

We did return to them later in the day though, and spent a long time with the clock and dot markers. Initially, we did spend a fair amount of time on painting. I had drawn a few shapes and their names on a white piece of paper, with a white crayon. Munchkin enjoyed “discovering” the shapes, and was particularly determined to find the triangle. Although we didn’t spend long on each tray, she did want to do more. We ended up spending a long time playing with water beads, and having lots of fun transferring them back and forth between containers.


Our next set of trays didn’t happen until Friday. She ran a fever on Wednesday, and seemed to take Thursday to recover fully, and I don’t know that her attention span was really back on Friday – except that she really worked with her puzzles! First we used some shape sorter shapes for shape stamping. She used each shape exactly once, and was then all done! We ended up on the floor with some Mickey Mouse Shape/Color flashcards¬† and puzzles, looking at both at the same time. Really, only the puzzles got looked at, and she did so well with them!

We had a pretty healthy art wall this week:



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