Adventures in Tot Schooling

Birthday Week!

Someone is turning two this week! A birthday themed tot-school seems like the perfect plan for our week. I hope to have lots of fun as we celebrate the Munchkin’s birthday. I picked out a couple of favourite art projects to go along with our theme.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday flower collage cupcakes and candles birthday colour clip
Tuesday coffee filters and water birthday matching “cake” mixing
Thursday stickers birthday shadow match/dot markers crayon rubbing


Anytime tray: 4 pairs of baby socks (for a little nostalgia, and pair matching)

Sensory bin: no bin. There will be enough new things to play with



I picked up some great, cheerful trays in the dollar aisle over the weekend, so I now plan to place each of the day’s activities in a tray, present all three trays at once, and let Munchkin pick for herself. Today’s first try picked was six cupcakes printed from clip art with a number 0-6, and enough candles to decorate all the cakes. We got started with 1, 2, and 3. but then she wanted to see what was in the next tray!

Second tray picked was the colour clip wheel from HSPrintables. Munchkin enjoyed this, and even managed to squeeze a couple of the pegs open herself. We completed the activity once, and then it was time to move on to tray #3.

The third tray was a bit of a trick – it didn’t look as interesting as it really was, because the flowers for the art project were still in a vase one the table! This was a bunch that she and her dad brought home for me last week, and were just about at the end of their life. Once Munchkin realised what our project was, she exclaimed “project!” and got really excited. She had a lot of fun with this, and really, really filled the plastic with flowers. She enjoyed telling me which colour to cut next.

As she finished this project, the doorbell rang, interrupting our time. However, later in the morning, she did ask to go back and revisit the trays. She would have liked to have done another flower project – but couldn’t – and was then really only interested in the cupcake counting. We got through all the numbers once, and she still wanted to do some more art, so I pulled out stamping, including two new puppy stamps. (Her birthday party will be puppy themed.) This fit the bill, and kept us going till it was time to stop for lunch!


Psssshhhh….tot school actually on Munchkin’s birthday? What was I thinking. We did not have time today!


After two very busy days, we stayed home on Wednesday afternoon, and caught up on our tot school time. Once i suggested it, we couldn’t get to the table fast enough, so no shot of the trays today.

We started with coffee filers and droppers. Munchkin is now able to do some of the water transfer herself, squeezing the droppers. For as excited as she was about this, she didn’t work on it for two long, but did make one great filter.

Munchkin was not interested in her matching tray at all (!) and asked to do the mixing tray next. I helped her scoop a few scoops of flour into a bowl, a few scoops of mung beans, and then she happily shook four different glitter colours in to the bowl. She spent a long time stirring with a spoon, and feeling it with her hands. I got a little nervous about flour dust flying everywhere, and so we added water to the mix, which did help. Munchkin stirred, and got her hands involved too. She really liked this activity.

And that was it for our week. We had lots of fun with other birthday shenanigans, and have some great new toys to use in our tot school time. We also need to decorate a large number of thank you cards next week!



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