Adventures in Tot Schooling

Red, White and Blue

This Friday is July 4th! Theme weeks always seem to be fun for us, so I decided to run with it this week. We’re going to have lots of red, white and blue fun during our totschool time this week.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday red, white, blue star 4th July roll/graph,matching lacing
Tuesday Disney train painting tot notebook red, white, blue bead pouring
Thursday red, white, blue playdough Flag dot markers red and blue water transfer


Anytime tray: Red, white and blue toothpicks and a pepper shaker

Sensory bin: bean, metal items and magnets



I realised it had been a while since we’d worked with any glue, so out came a blue foam star, red and white tussue paper, and some glue! In the past Munchkin has really only been interested in playing with the glue, but this time she was a little more able to (in her preferred order) put glue on the star, scrunch paper, then stick it down. Mostly she wanted to then re-glue on top of the paper and do all her sticking in one spot, but we did do quite well!

Next, Munch worked on some dry erase matching. Though it’s hard to tell, as she likes to keep the pen on the paper all the time, she will scribble on and item, draw a (round about) line to the match, and scribble there too, then move on to the next match without lifting her pen. After this, we tried something new – a roll and graph. I had no idea how this would go, and it went well! Munchkin enjoyed throwing the dice – and didn’t squish it! She liked peeling the stickers and followed my direction, helping to identify what we’d rolled on the dice, and then sticking her sticker where I indicated. It did take quite a long time to get to five rolls – I think if we graphed to three that would be better for her attention span, but I was really impressed that we completed the task first try.

The lacing wasn’t a hit. Munch looked at it for about three seconds, and was done.


Today started with matching! We actually did this matching yesterday – Grandma came over, and Munch asked to show Grandma her matching. I pulled out the new set, and she completed it in seconds! This morning, Munch handed me the cards, and Mummy had to match :)

She next had a couple of new pages to work on in her notebook, but this didn’t last very long today, and Munchkin was asking for something else.

Next came paint – blue and red fingerpaint on white paper. Munchkin was very excited to put on her monkey apron, but didn’t want to touch the finger paint. Her dad suggested that she use q-tips to paint with, and got some for her. Munchkin dipped one q-tip, got frustrated for some reason, dipped a finger in the paint and started painting the table – so this was pretty much over before it started and we took a break!

The pepper shaker and toothpick tray is always popular. Munchkin has been carrying it around the house on and off for the last two days. I got a couple of photos of her working on the shaker task this afternoon.

Later in the day, Munchkin asked to make another star – so we did! We did this instead of working on pouring beads – which I hadn’t prepped anyway!


We had a GREAT morning today! After some wandering and meandering in the garden, we sat down for totschool time – and spent almost an hour playing with playdough! When I first suggested playdough, I was met with a “no!” – so we started with sticky foam. We made a bracelets and a crocodile, and after a few minutes, Munchkin asked to switch to playdough.

With the playdough, we made a boat – which went sailing all over the table, a crocodile, and an elephant. Munchkin took off with imaginative play, and they all did different things, ate, pooped, and danced while I sang ridiculous made up songs. Later, the elephant got toothpicks stuck in it’s back and because a porcupine, and the crocodile went riding on the boat. This was all lead by her, not me. We had a really great time, and then rolled all the playdough into different sized balls, and she rolled and threw them across the table.

Next, Munchkin worked on a quick dot marker page – she complained because I only gave her two colours!

Finally, today, we worked on pouring red water between jugs. Aside from pouting her own water at mealtimes, this was the first time we’d tried water in these, larger, jugs. We didn’t do this for too long, but she enjoyed it. Pouring right to left is easy and mess free – pouring left to right is not so easy! She spilt just a little bit of water, and we had big, big laughs about it before she mopped up.

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