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Mickey and Minnie

Since we just arrived back from Disneyland, I thought it would be fun to focus on Mickey and Minnie Mouse for the week. Munchkin likes them both, so this should be a fun theme for her. Munchkin is 23 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday Minnie Bowling Mickey shape/colour cards rice pouring
Tuesday Disney train painting tot notebook Minnie shape matching
Thursday Mickey/Minnie stickers Disney matching spooning glass rocks


Anytime tray: Minnie Mouse Links

Sensory bin: red, yellow, and white items, with Mickey Mouse shaped tubs



I ran out for a quick errand early on Monday morning, and when I got back, Munchkin’s Dad had found the Minnie Mouse bowling set, inexplicably stored on our washing machine. I’d forgotten about it, but if fits our theme perfectly! They played several times, and Munch and I also played too. She was really good at rolling the ball – the first time – but knocked all the rest of the pins over by hand. Puppy got involved too, and Munch named the colours of the pins too.

Next, some Disney matching snuck it’s way in to our Monday! Munckin was so excited to see all the characters on the matching grid, especially the Mad Hatter and Alice. We spent a really long time on the dry-erase matching, and Munch drew some really long, purposeful lines. While I made the printables, I can’t share them, because I edited other files from, and used images from Google.

Rice pouring was also lots of fun, and again, we spend a long time on this. Munch did really well pouring between the two jugs. When she did spill a couple of grains of rice she picked them up like a pro with her pincer grip. She thought that the two spilt rice grains were absolutely hilarious, and we spent a long, long time laughing about them.

Finally, on Monday, we used some Mickey colour and shape cards from the dollar store. We played the colour game suggested on the back of the pack – turn over a card, identify the colour, and then find an item in the room of the same colour. This was our first try playing an i-spy type game. For the first few cards we turned over, Munch named the colour, and I found an item of the matching colour. For purple, I pointed to her water bottle, which is purple and pink. The next card was pink, and so I asked her to find something – and Munch pointed to her water bottle! The next card was blue, and she identified the blue dry erase marker! I was really impressed – we’ve never tried this before, but we will start playing i-spy now!


I was really excited for our art project today – I had seen the same project here, and thought Munch would love it. Plus, I had a huge piece of packing paper saved. Munchkin was really excited about our big project – and wearing pyjamas after breakfast – until we actually started. She pushed the train around a few times, stamped a couple of the pieces and was all done. She told me she didn’t want me to clean up, but she didn’t want to come back for more art. Oh well.

Next, we worked with her tot notebook. She was thrilled to see a couple of new pages! One I edited from another side, but one I actually did all by myself – the colour matching file can be grabbed here. While I did explain what she was supposed to do, she only wanted to colour with purple. Maybe another day!

As I was putting away train painting supplies, Munch followed me into the closet and found the Minnie Mouse Shape Bow Matching. She was SO excited and wanted to work on it immediately. And she did great (we had to roll her Yoda sleeves up a little) naming most of the shapes. Diamond is a new shape name learnt today, but we need a little more work on rectangle and square. We worked on this quite a few times in a row. Later on, a doll got involved and was putting the bows on Minnie for her. After Daddy got home from work, he also worked on this with her (and the doll too), and was great at having her name the shapes and show the baby where to put the bows. This activity was such a hit!


We did a lot today! Munchkin started out spooking glass rocks between two glass dishes. She did this once or twice, then I had several turns. and then Barnacle (the dog) had lots and lots of turns. We counted the rocks too. She was very accurate with her spooning, however since the spilled rice had entertained her so much on Monday, I couldn’t resist…Barnacle dropped a few rocks when it was his turn, and we had lots of laughs about them, and lots of “Oh Barnacle”‘s.

Next we worked on our Disney matching again. We did each set once, quickly, and moved on to the next thing.

Next, came our Mickey muffin pan with colour inserts, and pom poms to match. We’ve done this activity a few times, and this time it was a hit again. Munch commented on the size differences of some of the pom poms, and commented “Noooo” when she started to put a pom pom in the wrong colour section.

We also worked on some Pooh Bear and Minnie Mouse stickers to round our our tot school fun for the day. Here’s the week’s art wall:



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