Adventures in Tot Schooling

Busy Bag Week

No plan this week. Not many pictures either. We were on vacation (Disneyland!) last week, and I was decidedly not prepared for this week to start.

Munchkin has asked to paint a couple of times since we’ve been home, so the first time I made water colours and gave her paintbrushes, the second time she dipped pom-poms into finger paint for more of a stamping feel.

She also asked to play with bubbles (water beads) and lined them all up in a tray which magnified the image below. We’ve also played with bubbles (with Munchkin blowing them too.)


On Monday we participated in a Busy Bag swap, and have 11 new bags to try out! Two of them featured in our tot school time today:

The first was the bagĀ  I made. This was a back of math links, with counting and pattern cards. I used the blank pages provided here to make my own cards…and then apparently didn’t save the file. We spent a long time on this today. Munchkin helped me count for the counting cards, and handed me the links to add to the cards. The pattern cards seemed a little trickier. I pointed to a dot and asked her which colour we needed, and she got the answer right, but it didn’t seem like it was obvious. Her dog and Padme got in on the action too, and picked up links for me. This was nice, because when she wasn’t quite sure what colour we needed, I could say “Say red one, Padme” and the Munch would say “Red one, Padme” and pick up and hand me the red link! We worked with this for at least 20 minutes, maybe more. I should mention that the hubs is horrified because I keep getting her name wrong and calling her Padma…so now Munch calls the little figure Padma too. Oops.

Next I pulled out a little tub full of pom-poms with a very small hole in the top. It was tough to get those poms through! I really didn’t think this would keep Munch entertained for very long, but it was a total hit! She pushed the all pom poms through the hole a couple of times, opened and closed the lid, and then spent much of the rest of the day filling the tub by the handful with the lid off, putting the lid on, taking it off, dumping the poms out somewhere else and starting all over again.

Here’s the art for the week:


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