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This is going to be a fun week! Munchkin loves planes! We have a trip coming up at the end of the week, and I thought it would be fun to get her all excited about flying before we go. She loves going to the airport to watch planes land, though we won’t have time for that this week. Munchkin is 22 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday plane painting tot notebook paper aeroplanes
Tuesday plane do a dots cloud painting pilot sizing
Thursday plane stickers cutting playdough beads on a pipecleaner


Anytime tray: plane pegs on a bucket

Sensory bin: packing and unpacking a suitcase



Munchkin found the plane pegs before I was even up this morning! She was thrilled. She can’t squeeze a peg yet, but I’m hoping the planes are the push she needs to figure it out this week. She had lots of fun making the planes take off and go “whoosh!” even without being able to work the pegs herself. I taped the laminated plane pictures (all from Google Images) onto the pegs, and this didn’t hold up. Hopefully packing tape will work better…

Next, once I was awake enough (!) we explored her suitcase. I wanted a plain suitcase that we could decorate, but since the inspiration for this only hit on Saturday, I had to make do with what I could find at Micheal’s. Munchkin was very receptive to working on one clasp, and copying my actions while I opened and closed the other clasp. Inside, she was thrilled to see a couple of t-shirts, pants, sunglasses, hair brush, comb, and a bracelet. She was not thrilled to see her sun hat! She tried to put the t-shirts on a couple of times, and tried to pack Barnacle in her suitcase too! This week maybe we’ll use this to work on folding pants.

We started our “formal” activities by painting a couple of printed planes, and some black paper too. This time, I put out a cup of water and only one brush, rather than one brush per colour. Mostly Munch just wanted to paint with the water. We tried for a while, but then went back to a few brushes. She named colours as she painted, and exclaimed “purple” when she created it on the paper. Aside: I think purple is her current favourite colour.

Next, I introduced her notebook. I added new pages – a connect the pilot to the plane pre-writing page, and a couple of colouring pages. I also gave her a pencil box for all her dry-erase crayons. Munch wasn’t thrilled about being asked to keep all the crayons in the box, only using one at a time and putting it back when she was done. She still wanted all the crayons out all the time! When we were done, though, she did put everything back in the box and practiced opening and closing the lid.

Later, I made a couple of paper aeroplanes and we practiced throwing them around the house. We also decorated the planes with plane and dog stickers. While Munch was really excited and amused by this activity, it didn’t hold her activity for long.


We whizzed through our activities this morning. Munchkin asked for plane matching (which I haven’t got!) but I pulled out pilot sizing instead. I lined all 5 pilots up for her, and we talked about the sizes. I pointed out the biggest and smallest. Munchkin started asking about the Daddy pilot, the Mummy pilot and the Munchkin pilot, so I took two away, and we just worked with three.

Next, Munch worked on the do-a-dots. She did some, but also wanted to draw with the markers, and had me draw “o’s.” When we were done, she had lots of fun putting the blue cap on and off.

Finally, we painted – I clipped cotton balls into pegs and she used them to dip the cotton balls into the paint and dab. She really liked this, but again, was done with the activity before I thought she would be. She also wanted red paint…which I didn’t have out.


We had a couple of last minute things come up today, so all we managed was putting aeroplane stickers on a picture of an airport. These were some nice scrapbooking stickers I picked up dirt cheap, so they were easy for her too peel and stick. She wanted to turn the picture into a paper aeroplane – and had an attempt at folding it herself. I pulled down the planes from earlier in the week and we threw them a couple of times.

Lots of good art this week:




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