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Odds and Ends

Since this is a short week, combined with us missing out quite a few of last week’s activities, and another busy work week this week, I’ve planned a bit of an odds and ends week. Munchkin is 22 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Tuesday rain painting shape dot markers felt board
Wednesday fingerpainting Spring Matching puzzles
Thursday stamping Tot Notebook Spring counting w/ stickers


Anytime tray: Hexicards from Picklebums

Sensory bin: beans, farm animals, and playmat from Picklebums



It felt great to get back into a routine this morning! As soon as she was up, Munchkin headed straight for her bin. She called out “Mummy, what’s this?” as she pulled a rooster out of the beans. She already had a few animals on the play mat, and as soon as I told her she was holding a rooster, Munch called out “cock a doodle doodle doo!” She even identified the hen and rooster as different, and signed horse when she pulled it from the bin. We also set the ducks and geese in the water, and some land animals eating from bushes.

At the table, we started rain painting, but moved on quickly to the felt board and then dot markers. Too quickly for photos! We finished up the rectangle and triangle dot marker art that we didn’t get to in previous weeks.

We worked with the hexi-cards at the table. I showed Munchkin how the colours lined up, and then she laid all the cards out in a line – two of them even matched, though I’m sure this was a fluke!

We also spent a lot of time with Munchkin’s tot-notebook, and I caught Munch returning to felt shapes later in the day. I’d like to reintroduce this through the week.


Munchkin has been carrying her hexi-cards around the house on and off all day. Every time I pause to look at them with her, we line them up. She’s really enjoying them! We also worked with the bin again today, looking at different animals. Munch is consistently placing the ducks and geese into the water sections of the play mat, and other animals along the path!

We worked on a couple of two part puzzles and matching on the floor today. Munch asked to match, and as usual, enjoyed this activity. With the two part puzzles, she always tends to line the outsides up, rather than the insides, no matter which half of the puzzle I present to her first.

I asked Munchkin about fingerpainting several times throughout the day, but she wasn’t interested. Maybe tomorrow. She did work on her notebook several times. She enjoyed colouring within the lines of the shape pages, and we looked at her name again. For the most part, unless she’s holding a really thick crayon, she’s using a correct grip. That wasn’t something we worked on. It just happened that way!

Munchkin has been working on puzzles like crazy lately, and I wanted to work on two that she has with some strange shaped pieces. She wasn’t interested, so we worked on her alphabet puzzle instead. The first thing she said was grab the m and say “m for mummy!” She named r, w, z, c, s, o. She mixed up f and t, and mixed up k with x. When holding the ‘s,’ she showed it to her dog and said “look, Barnacle, s for Skye!” We also got lots of phrases: ” upside down, this way, over there, this one ever there, this is z.” Good puzzling!


We didn’t get very far today! I pulled out some number cards from the Spring Pack, and asked Munchkin to stick stickers on the flowers. We got through 1 and 2, but by 3 she was rebelling and sticking stickers wherever she liked!

We did work on her tot notebook (she doesn’t need prompting for this – she now goes and just starts working on it several times a day), and her matching too.¬† She has also been finding and working with the hexi-cards by herself too. From the other room I heard her say “yellow,” “purple,” and when I came to have a look, I had to run for my camera – it’s hard to tell, but she matched quite a few colours all by herself.

That’s it for our week!


3 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. katepickle says:

    Oh I love seeing our printables being loved by other kids! Looks like lots of learning going on here!

    • Claire says:

      They are fabulous printables…thank you for creating them. I love your style…I will be digging around for more. Your robot magnets are a huge hit on our dishwasher right now also!

  2. Yuliya says:

    You always have such diverse and fun activities set up! Great job!

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