Adventures in Tot Schooling


I’m not quite sure where tot-school will fit into our busy week, this week. The plan is to focus on triangles. Let’s see how we did! Munchkin is 22 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday triangle stamping Munchin’s notebook number foam puzzle
Tuesday triangle guing triangle golf tee game water beads
Thursday rain painting triangle dot markers find the shapes game


Anytime tray: nuts and bolts

Sensory bin: pom-pom colour sort drop



Munchkin was excited to see her nuts and bolts this morning! This time I set them out in two bowls – one for nuts, and one for bolts. Munchkin was able to sort them, wear the nuts like rings, pour between bowls, and also spin nuts if they were pre-placed on the bolts for her.

Our colour sorting bin inspiration came from this website. Apparently it wasn’t as intuitive as I thought – Daddy and Munch couldn’t figure it out this morning! I did demonstrate and we played a little, but not much. Munch thought it was fun to put a big pom pom in a small tube, and then watch as I had to blow it through!

The only item we covered off of our schedule was working on our notebook. Munchkin requested it, and found a couple of new triangle pages inside. We didn’t use the book last week, so she was all over it today. I noticed that she really took care to make marks inside some of the triangles, and keep inside the lines. Munch worked on her notebook for quite a while – even trying to colour and erase at the same time!


It’s just not been a great week for Tot-School. This Mama is too busy working. We’ve peppered some activities throughout our day, but nothing that needs advance preparation. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

I printed some shape sheets from this website, and we played ‘Find the Shape’ by jumping from shape to shape on the living room floor. This was a lot of fun, and we played a few times. Sometimes I named a shape, sometimes Munchkin named a shape, and we all took turns being the one to jump. Munch’s favourite sidekick played too!

After dinner one evening, Munchkin requested droppers – coffee filter art. We got it ready, she dropped water on one filter, and was all done!

We also fit in some water bead play (some of mine looked like they were going mouldy. I fished them out. Does that happen?) and Munchkin had lots of fun pouring, scooping, feeling, and generally making a wet mess.

The biggest hit of the week has been the number puzzle. She’s come back to it over and over. I’m fairly confident that she can recognise and name 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8. Working with this puzzle also lead to working on a couple of other puzzles with more abstract pieces that have been a bit too challenging in the past. This week, she completed both little fisher-price puzzles a few times, and I plan to work on them more in the future.

We did get some colouring in, and Munch used stickers at Grandma’s house, so the art wall did get a little love this week. We’ll try to re-group and finish up next week.



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