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Feeling and Feelings

This week is a bit of a last minute plan, and a few things left over from last week. I think it all came together nicely in the end though. We’re concentrating on different senses, textures, and emotions. Munchkin is 22 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday chalk colouring emotion dice plastic rectangle play
Tuesday metallic stamping water play cornstarch/water
Thursday shaving foam paint item shadow match emotion dice


Anytime tray: Sensory Cards

Sensory bin: Texture Soup

I also finally swapped out the magnets on our dishwasher. We now have some great mix and match robot building magnets, courtesy of a fantastic printable.



I got the idea for the Texture Soup here. I started out with eight small containers containing: spiky balls, popcorn, dried beans, truck shaped paperclips, pom poms, orange plastic squares, foam shapes, and corks. Also provided were a pair of tongs and a small spade. When I got up, Munchkin and Daddy had already found the new bin! The bean and pom pom containers were open, and Munch was happily scooping away. We talked about the smooth texture of the beans, and the soft texture of pom poms. These two containers kept her occupied for a while, but as soon as we started opening others, we opened them all. Munch gave picking up spilt beans with tongs a really good try! The Star Wars bin was such a hit last week, I was afraid this would be a flop, but it seems to be a success. We’ll see if I re-separate the ingredients every evening or not – the beans and popcorn are still mixed, but everything else is back in order!

The idea for the smell sensory cards came from here. I made them a week or so ago, and the smell of peppermint keeps wafting from my prep area! Our scents are: cinnamon, peppermint, vanilla, almond, ginger, chocolate, coffee, and tea. Munch did smell these a few times throughout the day, but smell is still a bit of a foreign concept to her – she tried to lick the little plastic baggies several times!

For our focused work time, I started with chalk. Munchkin has only used sidewalk chalk so far, so this was new to her…and not really a hit. I also included a few cotton balls so that we could blur the chalk. We attempted this activity twice, but she was not impressed.

Next we played with and rolled some emotion dice, printed from here. We worked on the signs we know (happy, sad, angry, upset (crying), proud, love) and touched on the others. She enjoyed looking at the pictures and pointing out the different faces. We’ll come back to these later in the week.

Carried over from last week, we also played with some plastic rectangles (overhead projector fraction pieces) that I picked up a teacher supply store a few weeks ago. I made a tree shape, Munchkin asked for a truck and a lion shape, and she had fun collecting all the long blue pieces. When we put them away, she quite happily picked up in groups of like pieces before dumping them into the bag. I was really impressed that she could request/think abstract shapes from the rectangles. I have a hard time with that.

Also today, since the Star Wars matching papers were still out, she worked on those. After going through all the matching once, she wanted to use the dry erase marker again, and made lots of little marks – and told me which letter she was writing as she went. She wrote an m, w, o, c, and r. Since this week is about all the senses, we also pulled out her musical instrument bin, and made lots of noise with that – we had a good time!


It was HOT here today! We took our water play on a field trip and headed to the local children’s museum. Munchkin had fun all over the water area, the preschooler area, painting, and playing with kinetic sand.

Back at home, she brought me one of her smell cards – said “mess,” “smell nice,” and then finally “choc-o-late.” Hmm. Munchkin had managed to chew through the plastic and got hot chocolate powder all down her front – and probably some in her mouth too!

We took the cornstarch/water play into the bathtub. She had a great time grabbing and gooping it all over her legs and pretending to wash her hands. There were some bath crayons already in the tub, so we mixed colour into our goop too. After this she took a nice long bath – these two activities probably kept her entertained for well over an hour.

We did work with my silver ink pad, stamps, and black paper, but the images just weren’t coming out clearly. We switched to a rainbow coloured ink pad, and had lots of fun – especially when I found a fire engine shaped stamp!


We switched up our week! Yesterday I managed to put a few items on a black sheet of paper, and left it in the sun for a couple of hours. Today, we did some shadow outline matching! This is the first time we’ve matched to outlines, rather than a complete image below. Munchkin knew exactly what to do! She even got the flower, which I thought was a bit hard to match. She liked this activity, but it must have seemed easy because she completed it once and moved on.

Later, I put some shaving foam and four drops of food colouring on a baking tray for her to play with. She LOVED this! Munch had absolutely no problem diving in. I planned badly and she was wearing a nice dress so I had to stop her when the foam got too high up her arms – we’ll have to do this again in different – or no – clothes. She loved pretending to wash her hands, and squeezing the foam between her fingers. She played until she was done, we cleaned up and then she wanted to play again – another time!

Here’s the week’s art wall:



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