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May the Force be Rectangular

May is by far my busiest work month of the year, so we’ll see how the next few weeks go. This week, we plan to focus on rectangles…and we’ve snuck in a little Star Wars too, since last Sunday was Star Wars day… Munchkin is 21 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday gluing rectangles Notebook play dough
Tuesday rectangle relief painting Star Wars matching dry erase plastic rectangle play
Thursday rectangle dot marker art emotion dice duplo


Anytime tray: wooden cubes

Sensory bin: Star Wars figurine play bin



We got off to a slow start today – our schedules will be a bit changeable for the next month. Also, my printer wasn’t working, so it took until the end of the day for me to get the new notebook pages ready.

However, when Munchkin woke up, the first thing she did was head for her new bin! This bin is a repeat of one of our early bins. It was filled with all the Star Wars figures that Daddy collected from Burger King many years ago. Previously, Munchkin was mostly scared of the characters, especially if they moved. We spent ages and ages today with me winding up the wind up/jumping/moving toys. Munchkin still sat on the other side of the room, but she loved watching them moved, and laughed every time the Padme character span around in circles. The bin is a huge hit this week.

Later in the day we spent a long time playing with red and blue playdough. Munchkin asked me to roll out balls and cubes. I also rolled lots of flat pieces for her so that she could stamp, poke and smoosh – as she described as she did so. We haven’t had playdough out for a while, so this was a good long play time.

After that we did a little bit of work on her notebook – just 5 minutes or so. I switched out the rainbow pages from last week, and added rectangle colouring pages. She dutifully scribbled over all the pages, and cleaned up after herself too!

That was it for Monday – other than drawing rectangles in the bath with bath crayons.


We got so much more done today! We spent so much time today playing with the Star Wars figures – or Munch spent a ton of time perched up on the chair, and my fingers got sore from winding up all the toys over and over! We found two more in the bin that wind up and move, so we had lots of them going at once. We also played with the space craft that pull back, and then zoom forward by themselves. I have a couple of great videos of one of these space ships running across the dining room table and falling into Munchkin’s lap. This was hilarious!

First, we got started with yesterday’s art project – gluing rectangles. Munch was excited to see the glue stick, and did really well putting glue on to the back of each rectangle. We talked about how the glue made the rectangle into a sticker, and now she had to turn it over and stick it down. Mostly she handed them to me, I turned them over and then she pushed them down.

Next I pulled out some Star Wars matching! This was a hit! Munchkin exclaimed “Leia” and named Vader, R2D2, C3PO and Yoda, when prompted. She loved both matching activities and wanted Grandma to join in when she stopped by.

Later on, we started with water colour relief painting. I had prepped a couple of sheets of paper with rectangles, drawn in wax crayon the same colour as the paper. I then thinned out some finger paint to be more like a water colour. This was Munchkin’s first time with a watery paint, and she loved it. The rectangles didn’t show up as well as I would have liked, but dried clearer. Since I used an egg carton and only three paint colours, Munch was able to extend the activity herself by mixing colours in the other spots. As she continued to paint, she commented “purple” and “brown!” I mentioned that blue and red make purple, but that’s about all. As usual, when we paint, she finished up painting the tray!

We didn’t get to our other activity for the day, but Munchkin came up with one all by herself – she found some nappy pins, and repeatedly lay them out in a line, said “all done, yaaaay!” I’m not sure what task she set for herself, but I did hear her counting “one, two” one of the times she did this. She started her activity in the kitchen, moved to the floor, and then to the couch.

That was it for our week. I did get the emotion dice made, but we didn’t play with it. We did play with Duplo on Friday – and had great fun having her Star Wars people join in with Duplo tea parties. Seeing as how I’m not planned for next week yet, we’ll probably roll the missed activities over to next week.






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