Adventures in Tot Schooling

Earth Day

It’s great when the theme just picks itself! Tuesday is Earth Day, so that is our theme for the week. Munchkin is 21 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday flower petal collage Earth Day do-a-dots magnetic fishing
Tuesday blue and green TP roll stamping Earth Day Printables tongs and pom poms
Thursday Earth Smoosh Paint Earth Day Matching water bead pouring


Anytime tray: Minnie Mouse Jewelery Links

Sensory bin: Playing with “waste” materials: egg carton, wooden blocks, silk leaves, rainbow cardboard tubes, toilet rolls, cloth bag, metal tins, plastic tubes, corks, ladybird magnifying glass.



I needed a little extra time (i.e. nap time) to prep our art activity, so we started with some fishing. Not sure how fishing really relates to Earth Day…other than that we are vegetarian and don’t eat them… Anyway, we both had fun with this task, and Munchkin did really well picking up the fish. We didn’t do this activity for too long, but did get a little bit of colour talk in. We also worked on a couple of do-a-dot pages, but I don’t have pictures of that.

During nap, I went outside to collect some flowers, rose petals, and leaves from our garden. I cut out a flower from a sheet of paper, and cut two pieces of contact paper that would fit over the hole. When Munchkin woke up, she got to smell, touch, and look at the (washed) flora. We talked about colours, though she wasn’t too into smelling. She wanted to work on this independently, and came up with a really nice collage.

The Minnie Mouse links (picked up on clearance at Michael’s) were very popular today, Munchkin liked looking at them, sorting them, and using a chain I’d made to run around with as though it was a set of keys to lock and unlock doors.

We also had some fun with the bin, looking through tubes like glasses, stacking different items, and opening and closing the tins.


We had a really long, focused tot-school session today! Munchkin visited Grandma and had some play time in the morning, then came home ready to school! Our painting sessions have been a bit off the last few times, but last night Munchkin asked to paint. Good thing it was on the plan! We did blue and green stamping with toilet rolls (re-purposing…for Earth Day…) and started out with just the circle. I suggested a heart, then Munch asked for a triangle. She had a good time, and even ended up finger painting on the tray. I think we’d taken a break from painting…clearly needs to be in the rotation consistently.

While I cleaned up, I set Munchkin up with a do-a-dot Earth printable, tongs and magnetic pom-poms. She’s never tried this before, but she knew what to do and whizzed through it, almost before I could catch a shot! By the time I had moved the paint she was done with this, so we didn’t get to talk about it, but it certainly seemed to go well!

Next we tried something new – glitter glue colouring. Since we’d already fingerpainted, I didn’t know how this would go. The addition of a paint brush helped, but Munch soon stuck her fingers in. She really enjoyed the glitter glue, and was just about able to squeeze from the tube herself.

After this, she requested “marbles,” I’m not sure exactly what she wanted, but the golf-tee tree and marble balancing seemed to satisfy! We also worked on some dry-erase matching. Munchkin can tell me where the two matching items are, and does draw from one item to the match when directed, but as you can see, she keeps the pen on the plastic the whole time! Really fun morning!

Later in the day, we went to the library and stumbled across “Biscuit’s Earth Day Celebration,” so we checked it out! Munchkin loves dogs, and Earth Day being our theme…we’ve been reading it ever since!


I had big plans for our art this morning. Since fingerpainting has been a little off, I assumed “smoosh painting” would be a win, but it wasn’t! I ended up doing it…and then Munchkin asked about marbles (and she’s never actually done marble painting before, just heard me talking about it), so I set us up to marble-paint, and then she didn’t want to shake that box either!

We did a lot of printable work today – dry erase matching, pre-writing, matching and two piece puzzles from‘s Earth Day Pack, and this went really well, but I didn’t get any pictures.  Munchkin really loves her matching!

Earlier in the week, on a whim, I made red rice. We ended up pouring this instead of the water beads. Munch was thrilled, and really enjoyed herself. It also provided us with an opportunity to work on sweeping (since some of it ended up on the floor), and also working with the rice on a tray to make designs in the rice.

This week was a good one for the art wall!

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