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Eggs, and Bunnies, and Chicks! Oh My!

Yay! A fun theme week! We are working with an Easter theme this week – well, the Spring bits anyway. Lots of focus on bunnies, chicks, and eggs in this house! Munchkin is 21 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday Easter Bunny Cards Easter Matching tonging eggs
Tuesday egg paint rolling 2 part egg matching alphabet puzzle
Thursday pom pom paint chicks Easter Pre-Writing opening eggs and counting


Anytime tray: egg picks and pepper flake shaker

Sensory bin: yellow plastic grass, plastic eggs, Easter erasers, Easter basket, stuffed bunny, lamb, chick, bunnies, ducks, bunny ears.



We seem to be totally back on track sleep, health, and temperament wise, so it’s time to get back into tot-school! Munchkin started out gluing cotton tails onto foam bunnies I picked up in the dollar aisle. She got to dip the cotton ball in glue, then dab it on the bunny a few times before sticking it in a good tail spot. We also saved one bunny at the end for as many cotton tails as she wanted to give him. Munch was especially thrilled when I wrote “Hoppy Easter, Daddy” on the back of one of the bunnies and she could run to give it to him. The other bunnies will go to grandparents and a friend.

Next we worked on two different matching activities from an Easter printable pack. Usually I cut the matching tile sheets in half, but this time I left all 12 squares on one sheet. It was not a success, and I will cut it down to try again. Munchkin loves working with the dry eraser, and enjoyed the dry erase matching sheet.

We also tried using bunny egg tongs to transfer plastic eggs from one side of an egg carton to the other. The tongs were still a little big for Munchkin’s hands, and so she got frustrated, but she did enjoy watching me transfer the eggs.

Throughout the day, the Easter bin and tray got a lot of play. I had pre-stored the erasers into the eggs, and Munchkin loved opening the eggs up and seeing what was inside. We laid each eraser out with it’s match, and also practiced stacking them and making a tower.

In the afternoon, Munchkin found one of her busy bags in her diaper bag. We spent a lot of time fishing for different colour fish. At first she would pick up the fish and place it on the magnet of the fishing rod, but soon she was able to just use the rod to fish for the colour I requested. She thought it was very funny when a stuffed duck came along and ate each fish that she caught!


We did SO much today! It’s amazing what we can get done when spending a whole morning at home. Sometimes I feel like we are out of the house too much.

The day started with Munchkin opening up all the eggs in her Easter bin, and pulling out all the erasers. We seem to be missing two already. She matched the ones she could..and sort of looked for the lost ones. (As in, she went to look and then got side tracked wherever she ended up. )

To start our activities, taped a piece of paper to the bottom of a card board box, showed her I was dolloping in some fingerpaint, put in some eggs, closed the box and asked her to shake it. This was not something she wanted to do – the box may have been too big for her to comfortably hold – but she was happy to watch me shake. We repeated this with a second sheet of paper, and then moved on to fingerpainting – which Munchkin was happy to do for about 3 minutes. However, she then talked about painting all day and asked to shake the eggs again. I’ll try and fit it in, with a smaller box, later in the week.

Next we worked on her alphabet foam puzzle, from the dollar store. She loves these puzzles! She was so much more capable than the last time we pulled this out, getting the pieces in all by herself, understanding and responding correctly when I told her she had a letter upside down, and identifying letters.

Finally, I pulled out more matching cards (cut down to 6 per sheet this time), and two part egg matching, from the same Easter tot-pack. The matching cards went much more smoothly than yesterday, so we will stick to 6 at a time for now, because she seems to love matching. She understood what to do with the two part egg puzzles, and matched the correct two pieces together, but tended to reverse the two halves.

We also had some impromptu fun today – a package arrived with a HUGE long sheet of clean packing paper, and a clean cardboard box. I set the box up so that she could sit and colour in it, then used the packing paper to make a fort/reading nook, which was well used all day.

In the evening, Munchkin wanted to do some more art, so we pulled out springtime stamps. She suddenly is completely able to press the stamp on the ink pad, stamp an image on the paper, switch out stamps, and continue as long as she wants. This was a lot of fun! We also worked on cleaning the stamps before we put them away.

Since we worked on the alphabet puzzle today, and identified some letters, I was curious to see which ones she can recognise in print, in a different setting. We read an alphabet book we don’t look at often. Munch recognized and named a, f, h, m, o, r, s, and w. I think she probably knows 2 or 3 more…but her attention span got in the way. She can name all the other letters when prompted with the ASL letter sign. We are only working on this through exposure, not any focused work, and I think she’s off to a great start!


We didn’t have a very long Tot School session today. We started with the dry erase matching and pre-writing sheets, and also worked on the matching tiles from earlier in the week. The past couple of times I’ve set up these activities, we’ve tended to leave them out on the dining table all week, and then worked on them as requested – and they are requested a lot. I’m starting to think about a tot-school notebook of sorts, that we work on each time we do tot-school, and that I change out each week. I’m not concerned about working on letters yet. Maybe matching, pre-writing, and name-recognition?

Next, we pom pom painted! Painting used to be an activity that Munchkin loved, but she really seems to be off it. She was happy to paint with the pom poms for a couple of minutes, and then was done. She got her fingers in there a little bit, and then I mentioned stamping, and she just wanted to stamp…so we did! After the paint dried, I added wings, beaks, and feet to make chicks!

We did not get to the Easter egg counting. I labeled five plastic eggs with a number (1-5) on the outside, then filled the egg with the corresponding number of Cheerios, thinking that we would do this as an after dinner activity. Dinner didn’t go so well, and so there was no dessert or extra food! We will try after breakfast tomorrow!

We also played with the Easter bin today, and Munchkin had a good time finding the erasers in the grass, then stacking them. She also matched some with their pair, then stood up to let me know by clapping and saying, “yaaayyyy!”


As promised, after breakfast, we played with the numbered, Cheerio filled plastic eggs. This was a huge hit! Munchkin loved squeezing the eggs open. When asked she was able to identify 1 and 4, and she was able to tip the Cheerios onto my hand and just about managed to be patient enough to wait while we counted them before she got to eat them! I refilled the eggs a couple of times, so we ended up doing this activity three times through.

Munchkin also matched and stacked the erasers from her bin – all by herself. She would pair them up, stand up and say “yaaay,” and then say “do it again” and start over.

Over the weekend, Munchkin wanted to do some more matching. We worked through the 6-per sheet cards, and then I asked her if she wanted to try the “big” sheet. She did, and matched all 12 items, and was very pleased with herself! Her favourite square of the week was the one with “Happy Easter” written in bring colours.

It was a good week for the art wall – everything was cycled through, all the art is from this week!





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