Adventures in Tot Schooling


Isn’t it funny how we think of each colour as a particular fruit? To me, purple will always mean blackcurrant. I think, to Munchkin, it will mean grape. I have never understood why Americans like grape candy. Blackcurrant is SO much better! Anyway…

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday purple dot markers grape puzzle wood beads threading
Tuesday purple crayon rubbing purple playdough sorting big and small
Thursday fingerpaint spring matching wood bead counting


Anytime tray: bear emotion cards

Sensory bin: I’m jumping on the cupcake pan surprise bandwagon, which I first saw here. In each recess we have: 3 small pom poms, 1 large pom pom, purple ballerina, purple plastic links, purple spiky ball, stuffed grapes, small purple sponge, 2 purple buttons, 5 purple paperclips, purple eggplant, purple flower, purple wooden cylinders, and tongs.


The cupcake pan was the first item discovered this morning. Munchkin looked at the tape across one of the wells, and looked up as if to say “what do I do with this?” So I told her to pull it off, and she worked away! She liked looking at and exploring all the different items. I plan to re-tape the tops each evening, so hopefully that will keep her interested. We talked about all the different items in the tray (Minnie Mouse shaped plastic links were a big hit!) and counted a few things. She started counting the three pom-poms, and I laid them out in a line for her. I think laid out the 4 plastic links in another row, then the 5 paperclips, then added 2 buttons and 1 ballerina above. Her dad came into the room later and asked if Munchkin had lined them up like that! No, but she did count them! Later in the day I was tidying the tray up and realised we had an extra item. Munch had found a purple plastic easter egg, and added it to the collection!

When she was ready to sit at the table, we started with our dot marker art. She immediately saw and called out for the octopus image, however it was the flower image that she really went to town on!

When I was looking for purple ideas, this grape puzzle stood out to me. I cut out the pieces, and it was a big hit. Munchkin was pretty accurate with the circles, and we did this twice in quick succession. We also came back to it later in the day.

Threading has not been a huge hit around here. This was our first time using big wooden beads. Munch jumped right in and knew what to do. She got her first bead on, and looked up with an expression that said “I did it!” We only got two beads on the pipe cleaner on the first attempt, but later in the day I showed her how to turn four threaded beads into a bracelet. She (purely by chance) replicated the pattern I’d made, and wanted her bracelet on too.

The bear emotion cards were looked at on and off throughout the day. Munchkin likes them, and was excited to see them again.


So Munchkin is still recovering from a cough and seems to take a long time to wake up from her naps. Today she was still a bit groggy and not very interested when we started Tot School. Mostly it was a bust, but she did enjoy playing with the cupcake tin, and the play dough.

I feel these activities weren’t given a fair shot. I will try them again some other time this week.


A few times on Thursday I suggested activities, but Munchkin wasn’t interested. Since she was interested on Friday morning, I first pulled out something I thought she’d be really happy about – a numbers foam puzzle. This was a hit. She loved poking out the numbers, and got them all back in to the frame easily. We worked through the puzzle about three times. Munch can recognise and name 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, and 0. We counted, and she doesn’t seem to like ‘5’ very much – she can count to 10 all by herself, but it goes “1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!”

Next we worked on our Spring matching sheets – she still loves working with the dry erase marker, and got to erase her own work today! We also matched pictures, and, as always, this was a hit.

Every time I’ve suggested fingerpainting, I’ve been shot down – of course today Munch asked about it as we had to leave the house! Oh well – we will find time soon.

Later in the day, we spent lots of time with puzzles, coloring, stamping, and playing with playdough at Grandma’s house, so after a low key week, we ended up fitting a lot in!

Not too much change on teh art wall this week. Never mind – plenty of time for more!


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