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What’s Up Doc? (Orange)

Our theme this week is orange. I’m not a big orange fan, but thanks to the wonder of Pinterest, I’m actually pretty happy about our plan for the week. Few fun things lined up!

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday red/orange/yellow dot markers tonging pom-poms water beads
Tuesday fingerpaint ripping/gluing orange velcro number cards
Thursday coffee filters and droppers playdough and orange animals glass rock number card


Anytime tray: containers to open and close

Sensory bin: black and pinto beans, sand tools, cups, carrots, bunnies


This sensory bin is all kinds of awesome. I first saw the idea here. I was excited about it, Munchkin’s Dad was excited about it…and she had a blast too. In total, we must have played with this for at least a couple of hours today. We scooped beans into cups with the spade, we covered the bunnies in beans so they could nap, we pulled carrots out of cup flowerpots, the bunnies ate carrots, the bunnies danced, we made noise with the beans – so many things to do! I was a little concerned about finding beans everywhere, but we managed to keep the beans quite well contained. I was going to use real carrots, but saw these at the Dollar Spot yesterday, and was thrilled! Vocab used: scoop, lie down, napping, noise, tip, beans, pour, round and round.

The container tray took a while to get noticed due to all the carrot bin fun. Munch loves opening and closing containers. She had fun pretending to get soap out of one container, and encouraging Grandma and myself to smell the soap and wash ourselves.

At the table, the first task we tackled were the dot marker pages. Munchkin always loves these, and was happy to dot away. She also lined the three markers up and stated ‘W’ because she sees the three points of the markers as the points of the W. Printables here and here.

Next, I pulled out some orange pom poms and tongs. These tongs have been a little easier for her to use than the ones from her kitchen. She tolerated this activity, and actually let me help her use the tongs, rather than going straight to frustrated, but it wasn’t a huge hit. We did get a few pom poms transferred over, and I think any practice in this area is good.

Luckily we saved our last activity for the afternoon. It started throwing it down outside, so Munchkin was able to rotate between the waterbeads, carrot planting bin, and books for the rainy afternoon stuck at home. We used the same tongs with the water beads, and she was able to pick some beads up both with and without help. She had lots of fun splashing in the warm water, but was able to tone her splashing down when asked. She is really starting to understand and respond to if-then statements (If you keep splashing, then Mummy will put the water beads away; If you eat three more bites, then you can have dessert). I’m very much working on this and I think today was the first day we were truly successful in understanding that one action would cause another action to happen.

Tuesday & Wednesday

Munchkin hasn’t been very much into tot school the last two days. She’s developed a cough, so perhaps isn’t feeling her best. We have spent lots and lots of time playing with the carrot planting bin though, so maybe it’s just that the bin is so awesome! Her tray of containers is also popular, with her continuing to bring an old soap bottle over to us, and want to wash us :)

On Tuesday we did work on ripping and gluing orange paper to make a carrot. She did not want to rip, but did do a little gluing.

I also pulled out the number cards. Seems my velcro dots aren’t sticking to the laminated cardstock very well, and so when we pulled a pom-pom off, both pieces of velcro came too! She liked feeling these, but that was about it.

Since we didn’t really complete our tasks on Tuesday, I suggested them a couple of times on Wednesday. When I suggested art, and fingerpainting, Munchkin got very excited…and asked for stickers! So we did stickers. Turning down fingerpaint is a first!


As soon as breakfast was over, Munchkin wanted to finish off her stickers from last night. When this was done, she was disappointed, but she was happy to wait while I got the coffee filter activity ready. This was great! We’ve worked with droppers before, and Munch has got a little frustrated. The fun colours and art being created were a GREAT incentive to get her squeeze grip going. Sometimes Daddy or I loaded the dropper for her, sometimes she dipped it and got just a little bit up, but she was always able to squeeze the liquid back out. We must have played with this for a good 20 minutes or so. We wil definitely be doing this again! Vocab used: pippette, dropper, squeeze, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, brown, water, rainbow.

Next I pulled out our playdough, some tools, and some orange animals. Munch particularly liked making giraffe tracks in the dough. We named the animals, I made a couple of different bears, and also several cubes. We managed to size the cubes. Munchkin can tell me which one is the bog one, which is the little one, and I pointed out the middle sized one. We lined them up in order too.

This afternoon, she seemed to be feeling sicker. We looked at the number cards with glass beads, and counted through them once, but that was about it. We did have more bin and container tray play today too. These are both popular activities this week!


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  1. So many adorable ideas! Love the sleeping bunnies and the water transfer.

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