Adventures in Tot Schooling

It’s a Green, Green Week

Since the week started off with St. Patrick’s Day, we thought we’d follow a green theme this week. Munchkin is 20 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday colouring with different greens pom pom colour match paint chip matching
Tuesday fingerpaint pepper shaker and hearts green things dot markers
Friday rip/glue green paper to shamrock felt board green rice pouring


Anytime tray: pegs on bucket rim

Sensory bin: green poms poms, green buttons, green spiky balls, green plastic eggs, frogs, green foam shapes, green foam letters, frog drum.


The green bin was discovered fairly early on in the day, and Munch  was disappointed that the blue bin was gone. Since many of the materials were the same, she wasn’t super thrilled with this bin. She did play her frog drum, the spiky balls are still a hit, and we spent a long time making the little frog figures ballroom dance together!

We had a dentist visit this morning, and Munchkin picked out some Dora stickers. When we got home, they joined our green art. She coloured with green crayons and pencils on green paper, then on white paper, adding stickers and colouring the stickers as she went.

Next, we colour sorted pom poms. Munchkin picked out a pom pom, named the colour and put it in the right hole. She also acted as if she was going to put it in the wrong hole, smiled and put it in the right hole. She also responded to suggestion, picking out the prompted colour from the bin and sorting it. We also counted – there were three of each colour pom. When the activity was losing it’s charm, she wanted to push all the poms into one recess and squish them.

Finally, we looked at our paint chips and worked to match them. This didn’t go so well, but we did talk about and name all the colours. She counted and acknowledged that there were two of each colour, but wasn’t really interested in actually matching them.

After dinner, we did another round of all three activities with Daddy. We size sorted some of the pom poms, and they worked together on the paint chip matching.


Today we started with a fine motor activity – toothpicks and a pepper flake shaker. We counted 6 green and 7 white picks, made sure one pick went in every hole, named the colours and the heart shape on top. Munchkin had a good time with this one.

Next we worked on some dot marker art. I printed a few things that are green -a frog, a tree, and a shamrock. Shamrock was a new word for us. Munch called the frog an elephant the first time she saw it – because the long tongue was sticking out.

Fingerpaint was the other item on our list for the day. Over the weekend I found some big buckets in our garage..and it was a lovely sunny day, so we changed fingerpaint into foot and full body painting (paint went everywhere!), with a bucket of green water to play in too! I got lots of pictures of this, because it was lots of fun, but not too many that are sharable!

Friday tot-school didn’t happen again this week – we will have to adjust our schedule. We did try ripping paper and gluing to a shamrock outline over the weekend, but it didn’t go very well.


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