Adventures in Tot Schooling

More Halloween Activities

We continued the Halloween fun for another couple of weeks. Cheese really enjoyed doing some different activities. When Munchkin was this age (33 months) I didn’t have many of our art supplies out for free use all the time. Now we do have many basic art supplies freely available I forget to pull them out and highlight them for Cheese. Looking back over the Halloween activities Munchkin and I did together, I realized that I’d never introduced Cheese to glitter – so we glittered a couple of times with this set of activities.

Glitter Skulls

I had felt skulls from Target, so I gave Cheese liquid glue, let he squeeze a blob or two onto the felt, and then let her shake glitter on top. She did really well, was really great at not shaking too much and letting me clean up the overflow glitter. All was going well, and Cheese was working her second skull when…she decided to blow the glitter! Oh boy! We cleaned up and put the glitter away for another day. The next time we got it out, she reminded me that she wasn’t going to blow it again.

Feed The Ghost

This is another throwback to an activity I did with Munchkin. It was a hit then, and it was a hit again now. So super simple, and so much fun! I drew a ghost shape with a Sharpie on cardstock, cut it out, and taped it to a dish. Then, I provided another dish of little plastic pumpkins and a spoon so that Cheese could “feed the ghost.” Even cuter and more appropriate since Cheese things “goat” and “ghost” are the same word.

Halloween Dot Marker Pages

Cheese is really into dot markers at the moment, and has requested “going home to dot, dot, dot” several times. I’ve tried to have a couple of pages available to her each time we sit down to work together. Most of these come from’s Halloween dot marker packs. Cheese had a great time.

Day of the Dead Playdoh

I put a playdoh invitation tray together – a couple of rolling pins, a knife and scissors, googly eyes and some sugar skull cookie cutters. Both girls have really enjoyed this – actually, Day of the Dead has been really popular in our house this year and we will be traveling to an event – I’ll be packing and taking this with us!

Pumpkin Googly Eye Gluing

Who doesn’t love googly eyes? Cheese absolutely loves them – so we glued as many as we could on some pumpkin die-cuts I found on clearance at Michael’s. Since I knew we’d use liquid glue with the glitter, I provided a glue stick for this project.

I had a couple of other activities out that we either didn’t get to or didn’t take photos of – here are the set up trays. With the pumpkin counting, Munchkin and Cheese worked on it together without me being involved at all. Now that Munchkin is in a Montessori elementary school, and actually gets proper Montessori lessons she loves having any reason to give Cheese a lesson in anything.

Also in the last couple of weeks, Cheese has started wanting to do some of the bigger buttons on her clothing – so, I pulled out our button snake, and set her up. She was happy for quite a while!






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