Adventures in Tot Schooling

Acorns, Halloween, and Fall

Our themes are lasting about two weeks at a time around here at the moment. We had a great two weeks working on activities to go along with The Carrot Seed book…but…I didn’t really take any photos, so no blog post. It’s a shame, because Cheese has always really liked this book, but never mind.

Lately, Cheese has been really interested in picking up acorns at the park – or really anywhere she finds them, I requested a couple of acorn books from the library, and while we did like “Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery” by Ellen Stohl Walsh, it didn’t really resonate the way the last few books have. We went ahead with lots of Fall and acorn inspired activities anyway. I’ve been teaching Cheese to check the acorns she picks up for holes, since they go into a glass jar on my desk, and I keep having to dump them out when all the little grubs crawl their way back out of the acorn shells. After a month of so of collecting, I think we have a good stash of grub free ones. Eeew.

Acorn Counting

I picked up some acorn cutouts on clearance at Michael’s, and also cut out some smaller acorns to use as a guide on my Cricut. I made cards for Cheese to count from one to five, and provided 15 acorns to use as counters. Cheese LOVED working with the acorns. It was hard to keep them from rolling off their little green placeholders, but this was just the right task for her. She has been counting a lot lately, but just in the last few days had actually been counting accurately with numbers in the right order.


Last year, I drilled holes in some wooden leaves. Later, I purchased a jewellery tree, and this year I discovered that the holes in the leaves fir on the tree branches! Both Cheese and Munchkin had a lot of fun with this activity, taking turns adding or taking away leaves. Cheese’s baby got involved and had to have turns with the leaves too.


We haven’t had any pouring work out for a while. Yellow split peas seemed to be a good colour for the season. Cheese can pour, but this time I showed her how to point the spout of the jug into the other jug and we worked on controlling the speed of her pour a little better. Not too many spills :)

Fall Dot Marker Work

I haven’t really introduced much “paperwork” to Cheese yet. She LOVED all the dot marker sheets – especially the acorn. I never felt inspired to do any shape matching with Munchkin, but Cheese enjoyed it, and also concentrated surprisingly well on the counting sheet.

Fall Nut Sorting

I didn’t get any action shots of this, as Cheese found it early and was enthralled by tonging and sorting!

Matching Cards

I printed two sets of matching cards from’s Fall Pack, and let Cheese match them. She’s been playing picture pairs for a while now, but she did enjoy this.

Other Trays

We had a few other trays this week – Acorn Sewing, which Cheese tried once, bunt Munchkin ended up using. Chesse had seen Munchkin sewing and asked when she could sew, so I thought she might like this, but she didn’t. Another tray was a quick Halloween witch colouring kit. Cheese loved it, but only coloured a little bit and then declared that it was ready to be hung up! We also had some new books and sticker books this week, so they were out too.

We are still updating the kid’s art walls as they produce things. Munchkin is making lots and lots of pages of writing and counting at the moment.





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