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Brown Bear, Brown Bear – Take Two

Well, it’s been a while! In the past 12 months, we have, of course, continued to learn, play and explore. We learnt about many different things, but there just wasn’t time to write all the things we did down. Our work shelves have evolved into art shelves, and have had a few different iterations over the year.

Munchkin has now started Kindergarten at a local public Montessori elementary school, so she no longer needs work out. Cheese is attending preschool two mornings a week, just like her sister did. Now Cheese and I get to have fun and work at home together! I liked the book unit studies that Munchkin and I did together, so Cheese and I will start there. We will start with a couple of books about colors, and then see where our interests take us!

Our first book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? by Bill Martin Jr & Eric Carle. This was a great first pick. It’s so easy to read – and so hard not to read in a great rhythm. Since we are still adjusting to Munchkin’s elementary school schedule we fit our activities in all over the place – at home, at a doctor appointment, and at a volunteer meeting! Cheese really enjoyed the book – we read it over and over many times – and started reciting it along with me…it’s very easy to pick up!

Here’s what we got up to – Cheese is 2 years, 7 months old.

First is the book. As mentioned, we read this many times. Coincidentally, Munchkin has a 5th grade student assigned to her, who will read to her once a week, and at some point, she will start to read to him too – Brown Bear is the book he read to her this week. Munchkin is more than capable of reading Brown Bear to him, but that wasn’t the plan for this first meeting!

Next, line tracing. I only included this because a week or so ago, Cheese started tracing and following the lines in a notebook I had out. I thought she might like to try this. Because of our week, it only came out once, and was glossed over. I will include an activity like this again next week. The printable can be found here.

The shape and color match activity was from a busy bag I was given for Munchkin. Cheese executed this several times while waiting for a doctor appointment, and then several times when we got home. She seemed to really enjoy this one. The colors are actually clearer in the photo – in reality the orange and red are very hard to tell apart, but Cheese did very well.

Cheese has really got into playing memory in the past couple of weeks. She’s been playing a Frozen version with her sister. When I pulled out the Brown Bear head and tails cards – also here – she didn’t care that they were puzzles, she just wanted to play memory – so we did. A lot! Cheese had no problem making the matches, even though the cards were not identical. When I made a match, I always put the two puzzle pieces together, and by the end of the week, she was too.

Cheese worked on the color wheel while we were at a meeting. I was surprised to note that she can squeeze and manipulate the pegs. She only matched a few pegs, and I would like us to work on this again.

As another color match activity, I made Brown Bear story stones, printable here. Cheese really liked looking at these, feeling them, and peeking through the class.

We also worked on sizing, and talked about which bear was biggest, and which was smallest. Cheese had no problem lining the three bears up in size order largest to smallest, or smallest to largest. She also wanted to name them as the Mummy, Daddy, and Baby bears.

This was Cheese’s work for the week. We didn’t get to work too much, so I might stick with this set of activities for another week, especially since next week is a short one.

In addition to the above, Cheese also wanted to paint:

That’s all for this week.

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