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Blue and Purple

Munchkin got wind that Cheese was getting some red themed trays…and promptly asked for blue and purple trays of her own! I was, of course, happy to oblige. We talked about what trays she would like on the way home from preschool on Monday, and she/we came up with: counting, numbers, sewing, braiding, and painting. I would really like us to do some more math activities, and really get into the Montessori math materials, but Munchkin just doesn’t seem interested. At this point, I’m certainly not concerned about her reading! We’ve now got into a groove where it’s expected that we will read at least one book together every day. We’ve been reading a series of books about a badger called Francis, who makes up little rhymes. Munchkin is now making up little rhymes during the day. (I have always sung little rhymes to my kids to narrate our day or change a mood…it’s just something innate in my parenting style, so I’m not surprised that she’s starting to do this). Here’s what we got up to:


I thought for “counting” we could work on addition. I paired some number tiles with purple and blue pom poms. Munchkin picked two number tiles, laid out the equation, and lined pom poms up underneath. We then moved all the pom poms to the other side of the equals sign, and counted up our total.


I have math manipulatives for units, tens, and hundreds. The ten bars are purple and the hundred squares are blue. How perfect to introduce these this week – except that Munchkin wasn’t so interested. She wanted to fit the unit cube inside the ten bar – and they didn’t fit. So that’s about all we did with these.


It’s been a while since we’ve attempted any sewing. I thought this time I would actually try and teach Munchkin running stitch, instead of just letting her poke about with the needle any way she liked. I selected appropriate yarn colours for the week, and a new square of plastic canvas. Munchkin did really well with the running stitch, finishing whole row in one sitting, and having me start a new colour for her. This isn’t one we can really leave out with Cheese around, so it’s been hard for Munchkin to keep working on it, but it did come out a couple of times this week. It’s a pretty big accomplishment (I think) to remember that the needle will always go up or down on the same side of the canvas that the tail of the thread is currently hanging.


This one didn’t go anywhere. Braiding is probably still too hard, but Munchkin asked for braiding ( I think because we Queen Elsa braid her hair), so I provided braiding.


Since Munchkin asked for blue and purple painting, I thought I’d provide all our blue and purple paints (regular, metallic, glitter) and also white so that she could create shades. She loved this, and painted a really pretty picture, covering the whole sheet with paint, and then picking out some other details over the top. She loved creating lots of different shades of blue and purple!

We actually did a ton of painting this week! Here’s the last couple of art walls:

img_7369 img_7400





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