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Another Dog Week

We are slowly getting back into the swing of things. I tried some planned activities with Munchkin last week, based on North America, but we had a bit of a false start. This week, Munchkin requested dog activities, so I pulled a few together. We seem to have less time than last year. Munchkin has two mornings a week when she is not at school, and Little Sister is now (finally) down to one nap – which is longer. Munchkin doesn’t seem thrilled to be doing all these activities just yet, and I think we need some more open ended art and/or crafting. This summer, we became more and more convinced (and proved to ourselves) that Munchkin can read. And by read, I mean read. The past couple of weeks she’s been reading Level 2 readers from the library with her dad or myself, and she likes to alternate pages with us.  Here’s what we got up to:

Dog Washing

Water play is always fun! I provided a dog from our dogs Toob, a dog flannel, nail brush, soap and a little dish of water. Munchkin loved this. I would actually have really liked to have left this out so that she could do it more than once, but I wasn’t really ready for Cheese to make a mess when she woke up!

Dog Matching/3-Part Cards

I created 3-part cards using Google Images for the rest of the dogs in our Toob. I intended for Munchkin to match the dogs to the cards in whichever was she chose, and just to be exposed to different breed names. Strangely, she was not at all interested in playing with the dogs. Cheese, however, really liked this – she matched the dogs to the picture cards. I ended up switching this activity out with another animal matching activity on her shelves that had been out a while.

Dog Nomenclature

I purchased the dog nomenclature pdfs from Montessori Print Shop, and printed on cardstock so that we could make a book. The cardstock was a little thick, so we couldn’t staple it, but did come up with some taping make-shift thing that worked. Munchkin really enjoyed this. The first time through she wasn’t thrilled about reading the cards, but she did like matching the picture cards to the right definition. This book has been out and about for a couple of weeks though, and we’ve read it together, and she’s been looking at it alone too.

Rhyme Sorting

I printed a few pages from Royal Baloo’s Dog Pack. Munchkin and I have been playing a lot of rhyming games, and she’s getting pretty good at coming up with rhymes. However, she completely ignored this! Oh well. When asked about specific words, she knew which ones rhymed with pup, and which with dog, so perhaps this was too easy (but I think she still needs LOTS of practice).

Mini Books

A few weeks ago, I found some Kindergarten level reading comprehension sheets, and CVC spelling sheets. I sorted the different sheets into themes, and made little books of 3-5 pages each, so hopefully manageable in one sitting. I presented the Dog and Cat reading comprehension book, and _a_ CVC spelling book. Later in the week, Munchkin found my stash in the office, and worked through two more comprehension books, and the _u_ spelling book by herself. I provided stickers and stamps for the spelling books, so that she could stick the letters down, and focus on spelling, rather then writing. Comprehension books link. Spelling cards link.

Dog Games

I created a dog -Spy game, and printed the Sudoku game from Royal Baloo’s Dog pack. This was Munchkin’s first introduction to Sudoku, and it went well!

We’ve had a few art walls – Muchkin is VERY into collaging at the moment:

IMG_6892 img_6950 img_7065 img_7178 img_7264


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