Adventures in Tot Schooling


We are following a blue theme this week. Mum and Dad are big fans of blue – let’s see if Munchkin feels the same! She is 20 months old.

Our plan for the week is as follows:

Art/Craft Table Time I Table Time II
Monday colouring with different blues blue slime blue pom poms and tongs
Tuesday blue playdough and glass beads blue floam pasta threading
Friday blue slime pom pom colour sort number puzzle


Anytime tray: dog colour popsicle stick match

Sensory bin: blue poms poms, blue baskets, blue ballerina, blue bunny, blue buttons, blue spiky balls, blue alligator, blue plastic eggs, blue foam butterflies.


At breakfast, Munchkin noticed the puppy colour match box. She immediately wanted to play with it!  She kissed the dogs, waved at them, booped their noses, said hi…she was very excited to see this activity again! This was a well remembered toy! When we did sit down to play, she was very intentional – naming colours, stating “blue one” as she put the blue dog in the blue slot. Later she would make out as if to put the dog in the wrong colour slot, look at me with a twinkle in her eye, and correct herself.

Next, she noticed the new bin. This one was a hit! She loved the blue ballerinas and the spiky balls. ( I love those spiky balls too!) We sorted all the ballerinas into a bin, put things into and out of the plastic eggs, looked at the alligator (she was a little afraid to start with), and threw pom poms around. We also worked on squeezing the eggs to open them. The contents of this bin stayed out all day, and was very popular. Later in the afternoon we had some more blue bin time. Vocab used: close it up, blue one, two, arm, “dile” (crocodile), “fly” (butterfly), open, ballerina, in there, out, in here, yep, squeeze, shakey-shakey, balls, spiky balls, run-run, ear, help, funny bunny, stick.

We also had some impromptu tot school on our outing! While walking, we came across ‘WELCOME’ painted in big letters outside our local stadium. We spent lots of time jumping on the letters, naming them, matching them to the ASL alphabet, and being quizzed. When we arrived, Munchkin knew W, O, C, L. By the time we left, she had E and M down too!

After lunch, I pulled out the slime, made from this recipe, and she wasn’t sure. It wasn’t sticky, but it did feel wet. Munch wanted me to make a ball shape, and it doesn’t do that. We poked it a bit, but it wasn’t a hit. We will try again later in the week.

Next, we pulled out pencils, dot markers, blue glitter glue, and crayons to do some colouring. Mostly, Munchkin wanted to play with the glitter glue and dot markers. She managed to get herself pretty glittery, and somehow tasted a dot marker when I wasn’t looking!

We did ok with the pom pom tonging. The pom poms were the right size to slip right between the two sides of the tongs, so there wasn’t too much squeezing to be done – in fact we had to poke them out of the tongs with our fingers!


Today I hid some glass beads in blue playdough and we had good fun pulling the dough apart to find them. We also poked the jewels into the dough and covered them up.

The blue floam went down quite well. We discovered it could stick to our noses!

We also had some extra activities – Munchkin asked for “matching” and to count with the glass beads. She wanted one of our printed activities from a previous week, which I didn’t have prepped. Our memory animal matching cards sort of worked as a substitute for a while. We counted one, two, and three, and had more beads left over. She asked for more, so we counted to four as well!

We did some pasta sorting, but this is about how that went:

Oh – and Munch asked for the slime this evening. We poked at it a bit and squeezed it more than yesterday.

That was is for tot-school this week – we got busy with other things, but did swap out our library books!



4 Responses to Blue

  1. Yuliya says:

    Wow! There are so many fantastic ideas here! It’s amazing that your daughter is able to recognise so many letters! I also love how you structure these posts – it’s so easy to read :)

    • Claire says:

      Thank you! I know these are lengthy…but this is more for me (and maybe her when she’s older) than anyone else…so I write down everything I want to remember :)

      • Yuliya says:

        That’s a great way to do it! As a reader, I really like it, too though – it’s so organised and very inspirational! I’m still struggling with Tot School organisation both in terms of how we do it at home and how I structure my tot school posts.

        Could you share some of your tips for staying on top of tot school organisation perhaps :) ?

  2. Keep on writing, great job!

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