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Space Week 1: Mostly Constellations

Before our map week, I was thinking about delving into space. I love space. Maybe in another life I would have been an astrophysicist. For me it was black holes. The idea of a black hole where everything vanishes to nothing really intrigues me. Anyway, Munchkin was so into maps, that obviously needed to be slotted in first. I thought we could start our space studies with star maps (more maps! yay!) and constellations, before diving into the moon, and our solar system. Munchkin wasn’t quite as thrilled with this set of activities as she was last week, but there were a few trays she really liked.


I printed out a few different worksheets, some “star-to-star” sheets from Make Learning Fun, Royal Baloo and 3 Dinosaurs. Aside from the star to star sheets, I selected some line tracing, a time telling sheet, and a “which has more” sheet. Munchkin worked through these as she saw fit. It’s the first time we’ve worked on time, and so that sheet didn’t go down so well.

Constellation Punching

This activity was in two parts. First, cut some squares of black paper, and drew around toilet roll tubes. Then, I picked four constellations (Andromeda, The Big Dipper, Cassiopeia, and Orion) and drew them within the circles. Munchkin was to prick the holes with a pin. We then trimmed and cut the papers and taped them around loo roll tubes. Then, when we looked through the tube, we could see the constellation! Even better, I provided a torch, we took ourselves into one of the closets where it is dark, shined the light from the torch through the tube and saw the constellations appear on the wall! So cool!


I saw this idea somewhere, but I can’t remember where :-/ We looked through The National Geographic Little Kids Big Book of Space (from the library) and found a page that showed the earth orbiting the sun. Munchkin then rolled a ball of playdough for the middle of dish to represent the sun. A large blue-green marble was to be rolled around the dish to represent the earth orbiting the sun. We had fun rolling the ball around the dish!

Star Addition

I provided some foam stars, star sequins, glue, and dice. We rolled the two dice, glued two groups of stars to the foam star to match the numbers on the dice, and then counted up to complete the sum. We only did one or two of these.

Stamping and Painting

Since this was a space themed week, I thought some glitter paint on black paper would be fun. I also cut a star stamp from a sponge, and provided a spiky ring for Munchkin to paint with. Since she’d already seen some of our constellation work, she painted lots of little dots to be stars.

Making Constellations

I thought Munchkin could make her own constellations! I provided some pieces of black paper, a white crayon to draw dots, and some star topped paper fasteners to poke through. We had the Harnacle Constellation, one named after her, and one named after a boy in her class at pre-school!

 Balancing Game

We also played our moon balancing game this week! It’s tough!

Little Sister

Little Sister is up and about and looking so grown up! She had fun playing with pots of coloured water on a mirror this week!

Here are our art walls for the week:



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  1. Michelle says:

    I love all these activities, especially the constellation punching!!

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