Adventures in Tot Schooling

Earth Day, Week 2

We continued our Earth Day theme this week (see Week 1 here), and had several opportunities to talk more about the Earth’s place in space, our place on the Earth, and ways to take care of the Earth. We also visited the library this week – from our previous visit we took back a couple of atlases, and then picked up a book about the Earth in general. Looking through the book at the end of the week (only the second time we read it), Munchkin read the names of five of the seven continents!

Glitter Earth

Over the weekend, Munchkin asked to do some glitter…this was just as Little Sister was about to get up from a nap. Munchkin does have quite a few art materials out for use at any time, but glitter is not one of those things! Munchkin had to wait until we had some more time together! I printed an outline of Earth from twisty noodle, provided green, blue, and yellow glitter and a glue stick. I also placed one of the atlases from the library, as a reference for green land and blue water. We noted that there was much more blue than green on the Earth.

Tree 100 Chart

I kept the 100 chart from 3Dinosaurs out this week – we got part way through last week, and I really wanted to keep going. I don’t often push or make her complete our trays, but I really felt that she would enjoy the end result. Munchkin saw Chicka Chicka 1-2-3 at the library this week, and asked for the book. While I don’t expect Munchkin to know all her number to 100 yet, she does seem to know up to 30, and this activity is prompting discussion of all the numbers. She is starting to see patterns on the chart, even if she can’t articulate them. We fiiinally got through the chart with a little prompting, then, once she discovered that the coloring made a picture, immediately asked for another hundred chart to be on her shelves soon!


We had two other printables available this week, and Munchkin wasn’t bothered about either of them. The tree got one or two dots in passing, but that was it. I actually thought she’d really want to do the pre-writing, but it seems she is really trying to write – she has a colouring book with the names of the items on the page, and she showed me a page where she had coloured, and then copied the word ‘house’ all by herself. Printables here.

Earth Day Roll and Cover

This is another printable from 3Dinosaurs. We took turns rolling the dice, and counting all the dots. I haven’t presented it as addition yet – she’s not 4 yet! – we are just counting. Munchkin enjoys these.

Recycle Box

This was great! I’ve been meaning to set out a provocation like this for a while, and Earth Day seemed like the perfect time. A set out a box filled with recyclables – some sponges, egg cartons, oatmeal box, ribbons, a shoe box, loo rolls, and some tape. I knew Munchkin would love having free access to tape! All I said to Munchkin was that she could make something from it – and animal, a house, a statue…whatever she liked. She had a blast several times taping things together, cutting things up, and using lots of tape. She started out taping two loo rolls together to make a chimney, and made lots of different parts of a house, which was her ultimate project.

Papier-Mache Earth

We continued with our papier-mache earth this week, adding blue and green paper for the land and oceans. Munchkin really doesn’t want the balloon inside to be popped!

Little Sister

Little Sister spent quite a bit of time playing with the colander and pipe cleaners this week – actually poking them through the holes, rather than just pulling them out. Munchkin and Little Sister keep colouring together too – I will come into the room from the kitchen and find that Munchkin has got each of them a piece of paper, and both the tot crayons and her own crayons, and they are colouring together on the floor (nicely, until Little Sister tries to get hold of Munchkin’s paper!). Little Sister is also asking to colour at times (we sign, so she can actually ask for paper and colours at not-quite 15 months), and she actually has a pretty good pencil grip already!


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