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We are continuing with some Spring related work around here. We’ve been sprouting beans for a few weeks now, and so it seemed like a good time to do some plant related work. Quite by chance, I had tulip bulbs to plant, and Grandma showed up with some plant clippings at the end of the week, so we got some hands on, practical life work going too. All my printables this week came from the Garden printable pack from Homeschool Creations. Little Sister got a few new options too.

1-to-1 Pom Pom Transfer

Little Sister likes putting things in and out of other things, and opening and closing things at the moment. I found six large pom poms, and an old six-egg carton. One pom-pom fits well in each egg well. I actually saw the girls working on this together, but mostly the pom-poms just got moved about the house!

Pipe Cleaner Colander Poke

Another set up for Little Sister. I cut some pipe cleaners into thirds, and placed them in a dish. I also poked a few into a wire mesh colander. I figured Little Sister (and Munchkin) could either poke in, or pull out. I think the poking in was too hard for Little Sister. Through the week, I switched out the colander for another one with slightly larger holes. I think Munchkin used is more than Little Sister, but they did both use it together. Munchkin has been transporting things to different places around the house this week, so I kept finding parts of it all over the place.

Marble Painting

I love open ended art, and am really committed to providing as much process art as I can. I love marble painting, and it’s always been a hit when I’ve pulled it out. I had it out ready to go one day this week, and Munchkin requested it the other day. It’s so simple – a tray or box, a piece of paper, paint dollops on the paper, and some marbles to roll around – but makes such great images. When Munchkin was little, I would give her a small box with a lid so that she could shake to her heart’s content and I didn’t have to worry about paint covered marbles all over the house, but now that she’s older, a tray where she can see the marbles rolling is way more fun. The finished paintings make great wrapping paper, or home made cards.

 First Letter Fill In

Munchkin is starting to be able to write quite a few letters. She can write more than she thinks she can, but I’m not pushing it. I thought this first letter activity was a good one to try – she was happy to write all but the ‘g’ which I wrote.

Veggie Match Cards

The Garden Pack has a set of images of vegetables, and a matching set of words. I was amazed that the first thing Munchkin did was read the word ‘pepper!’ She also managed to match and read peas, pumpkin, and zucchini. She almost got cauliflower too! So cool!

Plant Growth Sequencing

Since we’ve been watching our bean plants grow, the plant growth sequencing puzzle seemed like a good one to print. We looked at all the pictures and basically sorted them from smallest to largest.

Go Fish!

This week, I pulled out some Go Fish! cards, and we both learnt how to play! Munchkin thought saying “Go Fish!” was hilarious, and we had a good time playing several times throughout the week. We actually played this game with closed hands – so we couldn’t see each others cards. This was a first, and went very well!


More domino fun this week – seems we have about 5 versions of the game around here! I knew Mickey dominoes would be a hit! We played the traditional game a few times, and also tried one or two other games printed in the instructions.

Planting Beans

As mentioned, we’ve been growing beans in a glass jar on the window sill for about three weeks now. I hadn’t really planned to do anything else with them, but after visiting Grandma’s house, Munchkin came back with some flower cuttings. While Little Sister napped, we went out to put them in the garden. She had fun with a small rake, and particularly loved watering them once planted. It’s supposed to rain later this week, so today was a good day to plant. We will see what happens!

Here’s the art wall:


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