Adventures in Tot Schooling

Our Week

No real theme this week. I had a few things I wanted to work on with Munchkin, plus there were some Spring parent/baby activities that I didn’t get out last week. We had a good week though, and had fun playing more games too!

Rhyming Clip Cards

Munchkin and I worked through some of these a few weeks ago, but I only gave her half the set. This week, the other half of the set came out. We didn’t do too many of these, but I think I will keep them out of her one more week. They are from Reading Mama.

Parent/Baby Matching Cards

These didn’t make it out last week, but we enjoyed looking at them this week. Munchkin noticed that many of the baby animals are called calves, and was able to read cub all by herself!

Letter Sponge Painting

I picked these sponges up in the dollar aisle ages ago. I didn’t want to present all the sponges at once, so I just pulled out a few. Munchkin was able to stamp her name, and we also made some patterns from the letters.

The Hundred Board

Munchkin has been able to count to 20 and higher for a while now, but we’ve not formally done anything else. Last week I tried to present the numbers 20-30 with the Montessori beads, and we got about halfway through. I ordered this hundred board from Amazon a few weeks ago. The price was really good compared to others. It’s a little smaller than the others, I think, but the quality is good, and the size is perfect for us at home. The first time I presented this, I used a container with three sections. I placed the tiles 1-10 in the first section, 11-20 in the second, and 21-30 in the third. Munchkin laid all the tiles out really easily. We looked at the numbers and noted that the units place is the same in each column. Since this was so easy, the second time I used a container with four sections, and added 31-40. She is able to deduce all the number names, except for the tens. Getting all 40 tiles down was a bit of a push, but she did it! She was even open to talking about the patterns we could see afterwards too!

Mr Men Puzzle

Munchkin received this as a gift a while ago and just wasn’t into it. By placing it on a tray, she was happy to work on it! I provided a tray so that we could work in it in stages, but it all got done at once!

Mosaic Art

This is another project that’s been around a while. We finally got the first picture finished!

I-Spy with Phonics Box

I also pulled out our phonics box (we have two, I pulled out A-L) this week. We’ve sorted objects before, but since Munchkin has been so into games lately it seemed like a great time to introduce I-Spy. We dumped out the box and took it in turns to tell each other what we saw. Munchkin really liked this!

Spot It Jr!

We’ve been playing this game for a while! It’s great! Munchkin even had a while run where she actually saw the matches faster than I did.

Finger Painting

While Munchkin was at school one morning, I got some fingerpaint out for Little Sister. Rather than use paper, I remembered that I used to just place it on a tray for Munchkin when she was little, and then I would take a print afterwards. So that’s what we did! I placed three dabs of paint on a big IKEA tray, covered the table in a large towel, had a damp and a dry towel on hand to wipe fingers, and put an apron on Little Sister. Yeah. I dislike mess, and I love easy clean-up! Little Sister wasn’t too enthusiastic, so I stuck my fingers in to help her get started. Little Sister has quite a few ASL signs. She signed “red” after her first attempt at painting – I’m not sure that she meant red exactly, but a color on a tray. Of course there was paint on her finger, and the sign for red is signed by running an index finger down over your lips…so she got paint on her lips and in her mouth. She is not generally a mouther, and she was not impressed. We had a little push around of the paint for about five minutes, and then she was done. We wiped her hands, then I placed a piece of paper on top of the paint, and had her help me pat it down…then we peeled it off to see a great picture!

Fun stuff!

We now have two art display walls! The first for Munchkin, the second for Little Sister.



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