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Easter Week/Dogs

This week, our game trays stayed out. We played Happy Families a few times, dominoes once or twice, and the two girls dropped chips into the connect 4 board a couple of times. Little Sister also enjoyed pulling the game pieces out of the tic-tac-toe board. I think I will start to put these away now, and rotate one or two out at a time so that we can keep playing.

The new activities this week were split between a couple of Easter themed activities and some dog themed ones. The Easter ones were a repeat of last year, and were mostly put out for Little Sister. though both girls used them. Munchkin had a math tray that we worked through a little bit (and Little Sister really wanted to use), and a couple of dog matching activities.

Egg Pick Basket

I got these pics at the Dollar Store probably a couple of years ago. Little Sister had lots of fun poking them in through the holes and taking them back out again. Munchkin did well helping her out!

Egg Transfer and Tongs

I believe I picked these up at Target last year Рsome plastic eggs with a tray. The tongs are from the Dollar Store. I figured Little Sister could move the eggs around and start some one-to-one correspondence, while Munchkin could work with the tongs. This was about  right, except of course Little Sister wanted to use the tongs too! These eggs got a lot of use this week.

Bunny Decorating

I picked these felt bunnies up at Target. We haven’t had glitter glue out for a while, so I thought we could pair them together. Munchkin had lots of fun with this!

Egg Decorating

These eggs are also from last year. I found some gems a while ago and haven’t had a chance to use them yet, so this was also simple – glue and gems. Again, Munchkin loved it!

Bunny Flicking Game

I picked this up last year too. This year Munchkin could flick the bunnies around quite well. Neither of us have very good aim – it was lots of fun!

 Quantity, 20-30

Munchkin has been able to count to 20 for a while now, and can work the teen board. It’s been quite a while since I’ve presented anything new. I don’t have a tens board, so I just made up some cards with the numbers 20-30, provided 10 bars and the bead stair. We worked through about 20-25. We started by laying out two ten bars and counting them, verifying we had 20, then adding the 1-bead from the bead stair. We repeated this a few more times. I will try to present this again another way soon.

Dog Match Up

I picked up the Safari Ltd Toob of dogs. However mine only has 11 dogs, not 12. I also found a key to the toob on Living Montessori Now. My toob didn’t exactly match. I thought Munchkin would be really into this, but she wasn’t.

Dog Adult/Baby Match

I printed a set of matching cards from Every Star is Different. We looked at the cards together and tried to work out which puppy grew up to be which adult dog. Munchkin twigged that the name of the dog breed was at the bottom of each card, and so she could match that way.

We also checked in on our bean plant from last week a few times. All our beans are sprouting!

Here’s our art wall:


That’s it for this week!

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  1. Jae says:

    Hi! Thank you for sharing this! I featured your post in our Learn & Play Link Up this week hope you won’t mind me using your picture in the featured posts’ collage. Thank you! – Jae

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