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Spring and Games

The end of this week marks the beginning of Spring…and my birthday, so I always like to celebrate! We’ve had our daffodils, our tulips are coming out, we can see the beginnings of peaches and blueberries in our garden, and, this week, at least, we have a break from the rain. It’s a good week for a Spring theme! Munchkin has also really started to get into playing games (with Happy Families from last week, and playing dominoes with my dad), so we added some more games this week. Lots of fun!

Spring Bin

I have put versions of this bin together before – probably not for about a year, and Munchkin has always loved it. This year, both girls love it! Munchkin has been playing, but so has Little Sister. For a one year old, she’s doing things I cannot remember Munchkin doing. Little Sister pretends to eat the beans but doesn’t actually put them in her mouth. The girls have had lots of fun scooping and making noise with the beans. The bin is made from a mix of dried pinto and black beans, some kiddie restaurant drink cups, some wood rounds, a stuffed bunny, some foam carrots, and a couple of scooping tools.

Mama and Baby Matching

Munchkin and I have never really talked about animals and mothers and babies. Spring seemed like a good day to introduce things. She knew quite a few of the animals, and we talked about how to deduce the rest by counting number of legs or looking at the shape of noses. She really enjoyed gluing the mums next to their babies.

Spring Tic-Tac-Toe

Last year, I picked up this super cute tic-tac-toe game in the dollar aisle. Munchkin didn’t really get the game at 2.5, but at 3.5 she loved playing the game. We played several times through the week. It’s a little early to be working on strategy, and she was a bit confused about why there were 10 play pieces and only 9 spaces, and if we finished a game before all the pieces were used, then she wanted to keep sticking them in. All to come!

Flower Paths

We have some activities like this in a workbook, and Munchkin zoomed through them weeks ago. When I found them in’s Spring pack, I printed every single one for her to work on through the week. Well, she zoomed through all 6 one right after the other!

Spring Beginning Sounds

We’ve been doing well with beginning sounds and rhymes, so I included the beginning sound clip cards from the Spring pack. Paired with some cute chick erasers – she moved right through them. I pointed out that the letter options on one of the cards happens to spell out a word, and Munchkin read “r-a-t, rat!”

Flower Arranging

Little Sister took off with this tray this week. I don’t know that Munchkin actually worked with it. Little Sister loved sticking the stems into the pepper shaker. She also (I think randomly) cleaned up after herself and put the loose flower stems back onto the tray when she was done. Actually, maybe not to randomly – she’s pretty good at playing the clean up game!

Spring Eraser Addition

Since we had the dice out last week, I thought we could use them again this week. I couple two sets of 6 spring erasers and two dice. We rolled the dice, laid out the correct numbers of erasers, and then counted them all together.

Daffodil Craft

I don’t do many “crafts” with Munchkin, since she does a lot of directed art at pre-school, but I thought this would be fun. We worked on it over a couple of days – first, we painted parts of an egg carton yellow. Another day, I pre-cut yellow foam petals, and we glued them to green lollipop sticks, and then glued the egg carton cup on top. Munchkin’s petals were arranged in an abstract manner!

Bean Planting

What Spring theme would be complete without trying to grow something? I soaked some beans overnight. I soaked quite a few beans – it’s hard to know what will or won’t sprout I read. If beans have been irradiated, then they won’t sprout. We folded a piece of kitchen roll, then inserted it around the edge of a glass jar. Munchkin stuffed cotton wool in the middle of the jar, then she picked some beans to poke down the sides and poured water into the jar to make everything damp, but not sitting in water. We’ve checked the beans daily, and Munchkin has been thrilled to see a couple have roots sprouting!


As I mentioned, Munchkin and I have been playing lots of games this week. In addition to the Happy Families game from last week, and Spring Tic-Tac-Toe, we’ve also been playing texture dominoes and connect 4. Munchkin likes to play until everything is used up, rather than when someone wins. We don’t really focus or highlight who wins, we just keep playing!

Pom-Pom Poke

Little Sister has been working on one other fine motor activity – a little plastic food container with a hole cut into the top, and pom poms to poke through the hole. She’s really been enjoying this.

Phew! We’ve been busy! Munchkin has also been helping around the kitchen – if I get around to it, I’ll write up what we’ve been doing there. Here’s our art wall:



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