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Star Wars – Take Two

Munchkin’s preschool is done with their letter of the week theme! I will keep an eye on the weekly themes from now on, but may or may not follow them, depending on my inspiration. Over the weekend, I made a comment about new themes, and asked Munchkin if there was a theme she wanted for the week. She didn’t miss a beat asking for a Star Wars theme. We’ve had some Star Wars themed activities in the past(here, here), but this week was just all out Star Wars!

Progressive Art Activity

Munchkin had a random Monday off school, so we had three mornings to work together this week. As the week progressed, this project developed. I started out offering Munchkin two colors of metallic paint and some circle foam dabbers. Since we needed another art activity the next day, I gave her two different metallic colors, and q-tips for smaller circles. At this point, I thought we might as well make it the theme for the week – we finished out with our remaining two colors of metallic paint, and toothpicks for teeny tiny circles. She liked the foam dabbers, did a few dots with the q-tips, but after that just asked for brushes to paint.

Star Wars Roll and Cover

I revisited the wonderful Star Wars packs from 3Dinosaurs, and used quite a few for our trays. This is the first time I’ve asked Munchkin to count the numbers from two dice. We tried and tried, but could not get 11 and 12 to come up!

Star Wars Toys

My husband has most of the Star Wars kid’s meal toys from whenever Burger King released toys around Episodes 1, 2, and 3 coming out. Munchkin loves them, but hasn’t had them out for ages. It’s the first time Little Sister has really had a chance to play with them. Munchkin can wind them herself now, and has enjoyed lining them all up.

Happy Families

I’m not quite sure where this card game surfaced from. Munchkin is starting to really understand the Memory game, dominoes, and a couple of other things. These cards are from some cartoon spin off series (I, personally do not follow Star Wars…), but the game to be played is Happy Families. I don’t know that I’ve ever played it before, but the instructions that came with the game were easy to follow. Munchkin and I played open hands so that I could help her. She loved the game and we played 3 or 4 times through the week. She also taught Daddy how to play!

Star Wars Name Match

I’ve had a hunch that Munchkin can read quite a few words by now – sight words, anyway. The Star Wars pack includes 3-part cards for the main characters, so I printed them out, cut them up, and put them in a box. I was pretty sure Munchkin wold be able to read Darth Vader, Princess Leia, C-3PO and R2D2, but I thought stormtrooper might get her. Not in the slightest. She laid all the pictures out, and put them in groups based on who is friends with who. R2D2 and C-3PO are together, Darth Vader and the stormtrooper, Yoda and Chewbacca, and then Han with Luke and Leia. She then matched all the text labels super quick, starting with the stormtrooper!

Star Wars Play Pack

I picked this pack up in Target a while ago. It seemed appropriate to put it on her shelves. It’s the usual coloring and stickers, though two pages are card and will pop out to stand up. In this picture Munchkin is coloring BB-8. My 13 month old can sign BB-8. I’d roll my eyes if it wasn’t so cool.

Star Wars Shape Tracing

Another printable from the Star Wars pack.

Star Wars Beginning Sounds

One more printable from 3Dinosaurs! I paired it with glass star rocks. Although…I thought some if these were a bit tough. For example, Princess Leia had both P and L as options. I think Darth Vader had both D and V. Munchkin and I talked about it if she noticed, and we went with whichever she felt was right.

Star Wars I-Spy

I found this printable on Pinterest. Munchkin really liked this. I printed two of the answer sheets, and once we’d gone through it once, she loved being able to flip to the other side and check her answers after she counted again (she didn’t notice the answer key on the bottom.) Daddy helped her with this one too!

We also pulled out our Star Wars puzzles and did some of those. This was such an easy theme to put together!

Here’s our art wall:





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