Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter H Week

What on earth? Munchkin’s school left letter h ’til the last one in the alphabet. I’ve been trying to work out their letter learning pattern, and just haven’t been able to. They do seem to be tying it into Horton Hears a Who, and Dr Seuss’ birthday though, so maybe that’s the reason! Anyway, letter h is Munchkin’s last letter of the week for this year! I think I’m going to need to come up with some themes of my own from now on. Here are the items I came up with for her this week.

H is for Hedgehog

I found this project on Pinterest – so cute! And Munchkin loves her scissors! So simple – a paper plate folded in half, plus some sharpie and scissors.

H is for Hat

Once or twice over the past couple of months I’ve shown Munchkin a project with two or three steps, then given her the materials to repeat the project as many times as she likes. This week, I showed her how to fold paper to make a simple hat, and provided stickers for decoration. It’s about four steps to make a hat. We made about three each in a row, and she did make several more over the week, remembering about the first three steps each time.

H is for Hammer

We got these gold tees in a Christmas cracker. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to use them. I provided some styrofoam (which made a mess. Ugh), and a hammer from a Melissa and Doug toy. Munchkin had fun with this – it’s lots of fun to make noise and bang things!

H is for Handprints

We haven’t finger painted for a while. We did a few handprints, but then they got fully finger painted over. After that we removed the paper, and Munchkin just played with paint on the tray.

 Bear Hunt Matching Game

This week, I continued to include our new Bear Hunt cards. We played the matching game several times. Munchkin is actually pretty good at this. In several of our games I actually didn’t play down to her – she won fair and square all by herself!

Green Bin

Since it’s now March, I put together a Green Bin for the girls. Quite a while ago a made some green rice, and the green rice bin stayed out for several weeks with some various play kitchen tools. This time, I added other green items – a bell, pom poms, buttons, green easter eggs, bunnies. Munchkin went and got her kitchen items to add too. The bin has been a big hit again. Little Sister really likes spooning rice around at the moment!


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