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Letter Z Week

Munchkin’s school finally hit letter Z! Though her teacher says they still have one more letter to go! I did not come up with too many activities for this letter, though did come up with one that I really liked. Because of the way our week went we didn’t really spend too much time on Munchkin’s trays this week. However, as usual, she spent a lot of time with her letter writing station. I also saw both girls playing with some new wooden blocks several times, and Munchkin also worked on some sewing a few times.

Z is for Zebra Stripes

I’ve been working on a wooden tree for a reading nook in the girl’s bedroom. At this point, it just needs installing. I had some blue painter’s tape leftover, and thought we could use it to make some zebra art. All Munchkin did was pull off lengths of tape, and stick them in a sort of zebra stripe design onto black paper. We then painted the whole paper white, and peeled off the tape strips. Even though it was painter’s tape for delicate walls, some of the paper still came up, but not too much – it worked well!

Bear Hunt Story Sequencing

My parents just got back from visiting family in England, and they brought back a Bear Hunt matching game! We love the book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt! Munchkin played the matching game with my parents over the weekend. I pulled out one of each card so that Munchkin could read the book and place the cards in order. I read the story while she matched and laid out the cards.

Postman Pat Activity Book

This activity book was another gift from my parents. We live in California, and Munchkin mostly only sees Signing Time on tv. Other than that, we catch Postman Pat or Thomas episodes on YouTube, and that’s about it. The activity book has all the usual activities – matching, following mazes, sticker scenes, etc. We spent some time on sticker scenes this week, and also a lot of time playing a game in the book.

Rhyming Game

Munchkin is now very comfortable with both letter names and sounds, and she keeps surprising my by telling me, “Mummy, that says ______” – and she’s right! While I’m not ready to push formal reading, and absolutely believe that the best way to teach reading to her will be continuing to read lots of books. However, I am happy to indirectly facilitate her reading through other activities, and I believe being able to hear rhythm and rhyme is a very important component of reading. I have a series of rhyme activities lined up for her – though she found a few, and we got started on them this week. I found this rhyming activity at Montessori Album, and had a super neat two layer box to separate the two sets of cards. My mistake – I put this out for Munchkin before I was ready to work on it with her. She took a look through the pictures, and decided she was done. So we never even got to work on it…lesson learned!

CVC Word Spinner

I’ve seen this product pop up on my Amazon pages a few times, and suddenly realised I had the materials to make it myself! (Amateur quality, but it does the job!) I sleuthed and guessed at the letters for the sides of blocks that weren’t listed, and made a full set. So far, I’ve just introduced the “a” spinner to Munchkin, figuring that the first set of letters she will really learn to read with are S, M, A, T or similar. We used this as a rhyming device, keeping the last two blocks still, and only moving the first cube. This way, the four words we sounded out together rhymed. By the last two endings, Munchkin was starting to be able to sound and guess the words by putting the beginning sound with the rhyming ending. I’m pretty proud of these!

Sewing Basket

Munchkin received a craft kit from her grandparents over the weekend. It contained this great plastic needle. After she completed the craft, I kept the needle! I also recently found some scraps of canvas from when I was a child and learning to sew(!) I provided plastic canvas yarn, and a small circle of canvas to work with. She did well poking the needle through back and forth!

Also this week, some new wood blocks made it onto our shelves, and Little Sister COMPLETELY ignored a fingerpaint setup that I thought she might enjoy!

Here’s our art wall:





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  1. swapna says:

    This is interesting! Would love to see your posts in the Practical Mondays Link Up:)

  2. What fun activities! I do love the zebra stripes and the sewing basket ideas! #Learn&PlayLinkUp

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