Adventures in Tot Schooling

Valentines Day

I was convinced that Munchkin’s school was through the alphabet, and that this would be letter z week – I was wrong, they haven’t done e yet! Regardless, I’d already prepped a set of Valentine’s themed trays for Munchkin and so she had those to work through this week.

Bead Stair Clip Cards

Munchkin asked for some pink pegs the last time we were in a craft store – they are perfect for this week! I printed some clip cards from Every Star is Different, and set them up for her. Before putting them in the tray I shuffled the cards, but Munchkin insisted on picking them out in numerical order and lining them up.

Valentine’s Puzzles

I had these puzzles printed from last year, so I don’t know where they came from. There are two pictures, each with 10 popsicle sticks. These are easy for Munchkin, but fun to have out. The challenge for her was lining everything up very precisely.


Quantity Work

Quantity work made it onto our shelves again this week. Munchkin selected it and worked through – cute fox erasers helped!

Valentine’s Pick Work

This is just fun – not a challenge for Munchkin anymore, but she still likes it. Little Sis had a bit of a go too.

Valentine Collage Box

I picked up some felt hearts in the dollar sections, and pulled together a selection of collage materials – pom poms, starts, ribbon, foam hearts, and cork pieces. Usually we work on trays like this together, then they get put away. I noticed that Munchkin’s glue control has really improved, and we’ve really never had trouble with her coloring things she shouldn’t, or cutting things she shouldn’t, so I kept this tray in my office – not on her shelves – but she was free to access it any time she wished, with or without me. It worked out well.

Doily Stippling.

We used some doilys, taped on another piece of paper, some glittery red paint and a chubby brush to stipple paint onto paper and create a relief. I believe I tried this with Munchkin last year and she wasn’t into it, but this year we had lots of fun!

Valentine’s Bin

I put together a bin for both girls to play with – fabric rose petals, felt hearts, glitter hearts, buttons, and heard boxes. Both girls had a good time with the bin. Little Sis liked opening and closing boxes, lifting and dropping flower petals and exploring. Munchkin liked showing everything to Little Sis.

Valentine’s Book Bin

Munchkin wanted this box on her shelves this week, so I pulled all the books we have about love or Valentine’s Day. I think she then ignored the box. Oh well!

Little Sis

Little Sis received a paint and canvas kit for her birthday. We used the largest canvas for her first fingerpainting session. It went great! And I’d completely forgotten the experience from Munchkin! Little Sis was a little hesitant at first (I had a piece of paper in front of me that I fingerpainted on, but the canvas was all her), but soon got going. She wanted her fingers wiped off every so often, which was cute. I think she made a great first picture!

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