Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter Q Week

We are powering through the alphabet, and have some new trays for letter Q week.

Q is for Quilt

Quite a while ago we did a book unit about Elmer the Elephant. Munchkin loved making an “Elmer Quilt” from her Duplo blocks, so I pulled it out again, and she loved it! I provided the right number of blocks that would fit on our base board, and Munchkin made multiple different arrangements.

Q is for Quilling

My mum and I dabbled with quilling – paper curling – when I was a teenager. I don’t think we ever got very good at it, but we made a few good greeting cards. I thought Munchkin and I could give it a go – quilling is just taking thing strips of paper, curling them around a stick, and then shaping the result. Since Munchkin’s fine motor skills are not that of a teenager or adult, we used thicker strips of paper, and a pencil to curl the paper. She got a few good curled papers, and we glued them onto paper. I don’t have any pictures of the work on progress as I needed to help hold the paper.

Q is for Quarter Rubbing

Thing paper, quarters, and crayons with the paper taken off were provided for Munchkin to make quarter rubbings. She didn’t like that the quarters moved, and we tried taping them down, but she wasn’t very into this – she really never has been into rubbings.

Q is for Quarter Toss

I figured some gross motor activity would be good – so we took four quarters each and a basket and practiced tossing them in from different distances – with each throw we took a step backwards. This was lots of fun and we played a few times.

Q is for Q-tip painting

Q-tips, metallic paint, and paper –

Geometric Solid Pie

Over the weekend we were playing with Kinetic Sand. Munchkin likes to “bake” and make birthday cakes and pies. I was tasked with making decorations for the top. I ended up making as many geometric solids as I could, just to see if I could. Munchkin saw them, and grabbed a baby shapes book to compare the flat images to the 3-D ones.

Little Sis

Little Sis had a birthday at the weekend! We got her a “Water Wow Buddha Board” – she can paint with water while Munchkin is painting with paint until I’m ready for both to paint together! Both girls had a good time testing it out!


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