Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter X Week

I thought this was going to be tough, since x is such a little used letter, but we actually had a blast this week and came up with  a few x related activities. I also finished making a small set of Montessori color tablets, following inspiration from Teaching From a Tackle Box – I have tons of embroidery thread and just made up tablets in the gradient colors I had on hand. So, I have five each for blue, green, yellow, and pink, but I think the concept comes across just fine.

X is for eXcavation

Well…close enough, anyway. Munchkin is really into the Curious George books at the moment, and we’ve had one from the library a few times where George ends up on a dinosaur bone dig. so I stuck some little dinosaurs in some kinetic sand, provided tweezers and a brush, and let Munchkin excavate.

X is for X Marks the Spot

Something popped up about pirates when I was getting our X activities together, and we ended up talking about how, for pirates, X marks where buried treasure is hidden. I drew up a floor plan of the front part of our house, and drew in a trail for us to follow. Munchkin thought this was lots of fun…we were able to talk about the path I’d drawn, and I followed her from room to room. Munchkin thought it was even more fun when she found chocolate hidden on one of the dining chairs! She requested that we do this activity again (of course), and was then thrilled to find chocolate under Daddy’s pillow!

X writing activities

Unfortunately I’m really behind on my blogging, and just can’t remember where I got this printable from. Since X is not the most activity friendly letter, and the letter x is made up of two straight lines and easy to write, I provided a couple of different writing sheets.

Pattern Work

Also on the shelves this week was a pattern work activity. As Munchkin gets older and is more able to accurately place tiles without disturbing tiles already on the template, she likes this more and more. We did a few different designs, and she was much less frustrated about knocking the other pieces as she worked.

Color Work

As mentioned above, we worked with color grading. I did see this used independently, which was nice – those cards took a while to make!

Alphabet Links

We have these plastic alphabet letters that link together, and have had them since Munchkin was little. These were on the shelves for both girls. Little Sister enjoyed feeling them, dumping them, and putting them back in the basket. Munchkin matched colors, made some patterns, and spelt a few names.

The Hundred Board

I’ve had this hundred board printable, on my desk for a while, and Munchkin has seen it and asked about it a few times. We punched out the first two rows (so 1-20) and just laid the tiles out on our carpet, while naming all the numbers. I did not intend to present this lesson yet, but followed Munchkin’s interest, and stopped when that interest waned.

That was our week inspired by the letter X!

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