Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter W Week

With Monday being MLK Day, I didn’t know what the letter of the week was until Wednesday. Munchkin, Little Sister and I had some good art time on Monday morning (and Little Sister has her own art wall projects for the first time!), and then we got doing with our W projects at the end of the week. We only had a couple of items since it was a short week. Munchkin also got a late Christmas present of some Melissa and Doug Mess-Free Glitter kits, which she’s really enjoyed working on, and each picture has spanned several days, so that’s taken precedence over some other activities.

Magic Painting

Magic painting is something I did all the time as a child. I have vivid memories of sitting at my nan’s kitchen table doing magic paint pages. But magic painting is something that just doesn’t seem to exist in the US. My Aunt brought a magic paint book out for Munchkin when she last visited, and it seemed like something both girls could do. As a child, I always used a paint brush, but since I wanted Little Sister to participate it seemed better to use damp sponges. Basically, you apply water to the page, and the paint comes out and makes the picture. It was great for both of them!

Paint in a Bag

Little Sister was done with her magic painting before Munchkin. To keep her at the table, I put some paint in a Ziploc bag for her to squish. She liked this a little bit, and got a little bit of colour mixing in too.

Phonics Box

Munchkin has been asking a lot of questions about what does “____ start with?” I made some phonics boxes a while ago and thought it was time to bring them out again. Previously I’ve pulled out just one or two letters and asked Munchkin to sort. I have two phonics boxes, each has half the alphabet. This time, I took the first half of the alphabet box and dumped it out on the floor. Munchkin had to line up and order the letter cards, then sort the objects. She did really well, and lost interest after halfway through. We then cleaned up by putting the objects she had already sorted back into the boxes, and then had to sort the still dumped out objects back in to their box – she sorted everything! The boxes are fishing tackle boxes from Amazon.

W is for Writing

We haven’t had the salt tray out for a while, so I pulled it out for some pre-writing. Munchkin did well writing w’s in the salt. This also prompted a discussion about silly words. Writing starts with a w, but sounds like it starts with an r. Munchkin knows to use two fingers to trace the sandpaper letter a few times, then use two fingers to make the pattern in the salt tray.

 W is for Worms

This is a bit hard to see in the pictures, but I cut up some gold pipe cleaners and tucked them into some packing paper. A duck nestled in a basket, and Dollar Tree tweezers were provided to feed worms to the duck. These tweezers are a new find for us, and are actually really hard to use, they require quite a strong squeezing action. Munchkin had quite a bit of trouble with them – and I did too! – they are great for developing hand strength..

W is for Watercolour Waterfall Painting

I picked this project from Pinterest, and it was a hit! Munchkin and I had fun making waterfall pictures one morning. The best part was colour mixing – Munchkin dropped yellow down the page, and I asked her what she thought would happen if she dropped yellow on top. She was happy to oblige and made orange!

Here are our art walls for the week – Little Sis has a couple of pictures up too!




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