Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter D Week

It was letter D week at Munchkin’s school. Initially I thought it would be really easy to come up with activities for D, and I got a few, but then drew a lot of blanks! We were out and about this week, so we only worked on the trays formally once this week. Munchkin played with the small world quite a lot during her quiet time, and I’m not quite sure how much everything else got used.

D is for Dot Paint

I paired corks with paint to make some dot pictures. Munchkin wasn’t very into this!

D is for Dot Markers

We haven’t used dot markers freely for a long long time. One of Munchkin’s friend’s little sister’s just received dot markers at a birthday party so they were fresh in Munchkin’s mind and I thought they’d be fun. Munchkin liked using these. She would have liked me to leave these out on her shelves all week, but since I’ve found a few pencil marks around the house lately we had a bit of a chat about why they couldn’t stay out unsupervised instead!

Sequencing Puzzles

I have thought for a while that Munchkin is ready to work on some patterning and sequencing. I’ve been pointing patterns out every chance I get for a while now, and want to start introducing the concept in her trays. I have two this week. These puzzles were picked up just after Christmas in Target. I pulled out three puzzles that have ABAB patterning. The puzzles are double sided, so she had six puzzles to work with. She seems to be enjoying puzzles again lately, so I was happy to have these for her to work on. We talked about the pattern and sequence as she put them together.

Sequencing Stickers

I picked up these snowflake stickers a while ago, and have always had in my mind to use them for patterns. First Munchkin sorted the stickers by type. I then asked her to pick two stickers, and started an AB pattern with her. She was able to pick out the next two iterations of the pattern before she lost interest.

Flower Arranging

Inspired by Little Sister’s spice jar poking activity (which both girls have been using), I thought we could get the fake flowers out again. Munchkin had a good time with this – and later in the week, Little Sister had a go to, but she couldn’t really see where to poke the stems with the big flower in the way.

Bead Stair Clip Cards

I paired our bead bars with printables from EveryStarIsDifferent, and some cute little pegs. Munchkin insisted on sorting through and clipping 1, then 2, then 3, etc. This is easy for her, though it’s good for her to slow down and practice accuracy with the higher numbers.

Small World Play

I’m really seeing Munchkin’s imaginative play take off. She’s asking to play “dance class” at home, I spied her playing with baby dolls with a whole backstory with her friends at school, and over the weekend her and a friend were building homes for animals. We saw some sea lions last weekend, and I had mum/baby sea lion and seal Schleich pairs that I hadn’t introduced yet, so the timing seemed right. We’ve spent quite a bit of time playing with this box this week, and then animals have been around the house doing other things too. Munchkin has also been selecting the box to play with during her quiet time, so I think it was a hit! The box is from some packaging, with a square base that pops out. I folded white felt around the base and popped it back in. One corner contains cotton wool, then glass floral beads. Another corner has shells, and then pebbles along the bottom. Four sea animals fit well.

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