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Letter Y Week

After a couple of weeks off school due to the holidays, Munchkin is back, and so is her letter of the week. As if to ease me in gently, this week was Y themed. I feel this might be the last easy week we get, since there are only 10 or so more letters that haven’t been covered so I’m not sure how the rest of the alphabet will play out, but for now…I’ll take an easy theme with the letter Y! As we were talking about ideas for trays, Munchkin insisted on some Yoda trays, so I tried to oblige!

Y is for Yarn Painting

We used food colouring for this project (mostly because I have four colours of food colouring, and a container divided into four) and Munchkin got to squeeze a few drops of colour into each compartment, then pour water from a little jug. We dipped lengths of yarn into the water, then dragged the yarn across watercolour paper. We found we needed a toothpick to help get the yarn wet.

Y is for Yellow Yarn Art

For this activity, I provided yarn, glue, scissors and paper. The project was to be two fold – one: cut and glue lengths of wool to the paper, then two: when dry, paint in shades of yellow. Munchkin liked cutting the wool, but wasn’t too thrilled about getting all gluey and sticking the wool down. When the paint dried, she only painted it a little. (Who knew we had so many shades of yellow paint??)

Y is for Yoda

As mentioned, Munchkin suggested that there be some Yoda trays. I think she’s really starting to pick up on beginning sounds and the phonics part of the alphabet. She will often ask what letter a word or object starts with, and I generally say the beginning part of the word a few times, then the whole word, and she just knows. I printed several printables from’s Star Wars pack. Some letter Y recognition, and some pre-writing. I provided a yellow dot marker, since yellow starts with a y.

Y is for Yellow Collage

This item was on Munchkin’s shelves to use as she pleased. I pulled a selection of yellow items from my art stash, provided yellow paper, and glue. Collage items include: pom-poms, popcorn, buttons, yellow foam, yellow paper, foam stickers and shapes.

Y is for Yarn Weaving

I made a simple weaving loom from yarn, and cut some lengths of ribbon. I demonstrated weaving ribbons over and under to Munchkin. She looked at this a couple of times through the week, but wasn’t really interested. Finally, towards the end of the week she asked me to sit down and work on it with her, and then she did really well weaving ribbon through the yarn. Great fine motor practice! She was also insistent that the little blue bin didn’t need to be on the tray!

Habitat Matching

The Target Dollar Spot had some great items the week after Christmas! One of them was a habitat matching game. I presented one of the two cards (double-sided), and the corresponding animal cards. Munchkin had to decide which 9 of the 18 animals lived in the ocean, then repeat the activity to see who lived in the forest. She had no trouble with this.

Teens Beads

Munchkin now seems very comfortable with her quantities and numerals 1-10. She can also count 11-20, but hasn’t mastered the numerals yet. Montessori introduces physical quantity before abstract written number, so I want to begin working on this with her. This week, I presented the teens beads to her. We started by putting together the bead stair, representing 1-9. I then presented a golden 10 bar at the top of our mat. We counted the bar to verify 10 beads, and moved the red 1 bead next to it. We counted both bars to get to 11. We repeated this together down the mat until about 15 before she lost interest. I don’t believe this came out again through the week. I will put it away and re-present it later.

Little Sister got a new work this week too – I finished up a spice jar, washed it out, and gave her cotton buds to poke through the holes. She loves it, and it keeps her busy while I’m cooking in the kitchen!



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