Adventures in Tot Schooling

Christmas Week


We had a great Christmas and spent a lot of time out and around with family. Since I knew we’d have a busy week, I just came up with a couple of new trays to sit on Munchkin’s shelves. When we had time for activities, I let her “pick from the office” – I let her into my office closet, and gave her free reign (almost) of what materials she wanted to try. We also made more Christmas craft kits and did an art project with Little Sister!

Snowflake Matching

I think I saw this idea on Pinterest, but now I can’t remember exactly where. I printed some images of snowflakes from Google Images, and then printed the images again, but much smaller. I presented the large and small snowflakes along with a magnifying glass for matching. Munchkin wasn’t super enthralled by this, and seemed to prefer to match without the magnifying glassĀ  when she did match a couple of pairs.

Montessori Bead Matching

I wanted to get back to the Montessori bead stair, so I drew up a quick grid, provided the beads, and the correct number of Father Christmas erasers for a matching activity. I saw Munchkin working on this, then later we sat and worked through the whole thing together.

Family Art Project

We were stuck home with the rain one morning, and I wanted something we would all do together. I settled on salad spinner art! It was perfect. I drew circles onto construction paper, Munchkin cut them out and taped them to the bottom of the salad spinner basket. Munchkin and I both squeezed paint onto the paper, Munchkin put the lid on, then Little Sister got to spin! Little Sister loved it! The hardest part was getting each paper set up quickly enough for Little Sister – she just wanted to keep spinning the spinner! We made 7 or 8 circles, so this kept both girls happy for quite a while.

We hope you had a great holiday season! We certainly did, and enjoyed spending lots of extra time with our family!



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