Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter J Week

I got really behind for a few weeks there, but this will get me finally caught up! This was Munchkin’s last week of school before two weeks off, and her class focused on the letter j. I came up with a couple of activities to go along with this, but we again mostly focused on Christmas activities. Over the previous weekend, we also went to see a local production of The Nutcracker, so we’ve spent lots of time reading a Nutcracker story I have.

Nutcracker Theatre

I downloaded a Nutcracker Puppet Theatre, from Crafterina, which Munchkin and I put together on Sunday morning while Little Sister napped. I did the cutting, and she did almost all of the taping. We then used the theatre to act out the Nutcracker story from a Ballet Stories book I have owned forever. Munchkin loved this, and insisted we act out the story again when her Grandma arrived to attend the ballet with us.

Christmas Present Transfer

I presented some decorative Christmas presents from the dollar store, and a pair of tongs. Munchkin had a good time transferring the presents backwards and forwards between the two blue bins.

J is for Jugs

I knew Munchkin would love this tray – it was the first time the rice had been left out on her shelves for her to use unsupervised. She was very responsible with the tray, only pouring the rice back and forth. I didn’t notice any mess made or left behind (phew!)

Christmas Decorations

Munchkin is now pretty self-sufficient at these sticky felt kits. We have quite a little collection of ornaments on our tree now!

Building Blocks

Little Sister has been playing with blocks this week. She’s got some patience! When I build a tower, she watches, looks, and has a bit of a twinkle in her eye. She waits, and rather then knocking it down, she tries to take the tower down one block at a time. She’s getting very into playing little games with me throughout the day – lots of fun!


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