Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter N Week

We had a couple of fun mornings working together this week, and Munchkin certainly spent time working by herself. I’d seen a fun rainbow project pop up on Pinterest, using nail polish, so that worked well for our week!

N is for nail polish

I found a quick fun project using nail polish. Munchkin had a good time cutting out shapes from black paper, dipping the paper, and especially swirling a toothpick on the top of the water to scoop out the dried nail polish, before pouring in a bit more! We also had fun after standing at the window, tilting the papers and pointing out the different rainbow colours we could see.

N is for Nuts and Bolts

Matching various thicknesses of nuts and bolts makes great fine motor work. Munchkin is now very adept at visually judging which nut will fit with each bold – and we have a couple that are quite similar.

N is for Number Fun

I did not put this tray together. Munchkin was digging through my office closet (where all her supplies are kept) and pulled out the Star Wars Number Fun book. I picked this up at Costco at least a year ago, and had no plans to introduce it yet, but Munchkin was interested, so we went with it. She has no problem with 1-10 number recognition, and really enjoyed the quantitative counting and grouping. Whereas she was all about tracing letters and writing a few weeks ago, right now she isn’t into tracing the number forms, so we skipped those pages.

Letter N recognition

As mentioned, Munchkin was really into writing letters a few weeks ago, but that seems to have passed, and at 3, I’m not going to push it. Rather than a writing exercise, I printed out a sheet for letter recognition. She had a dry erase crayon to colour each upper or lower case n she saw. This was a breeze for her, and she was able to come back to it several times to find a few more n’s each time.

Christmas Counting

This week, I switched out our Fall leaf counters for Father Christmas erasers. This sparked a new interest in my hand drawn hands on counting exercise. We worked all the way through from 0-9!

Gingerbread Ornament Making

Last year, on boxing day, I went to Michael’s, and probably picked up enough Christmas crafts to last 4 years! I went a bit overboard. Since it’s now December, it was time to get started on some of the things I picked up! This craft, however, was a bit of a PITA. Munchkin could do all the stickers herself, but it took some jiggery-pokery, lots to sticky tape, and some serious adult patience to get the gingerbread house itself to stick together. Regardless, we had a good time doing this together, and that’s all that really matters.

Here’s out art wall for the week:

n is for nail polish

n is for nail polish


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