Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter O Week

I’m a little behind – letter O week was a short week with Thanksgiving at the end. I really didn’t come up with too many ideas for the letter O, and so we added in some other activities that really didn’t fit our theme.

O is for Owls

With the success of the ballerina craft a couple of weeks ago, I did find an owl craft that Munchkin could do all by herself. I’ve been trying to present really open ended process art, since they do more directed projects at school (and she does love doing them, but I want to expose her to different things at home), but I do like these little two or three step projects that she can do all by herself after she’s been shown how just once. On Wednesday, Munchkin wanted to make coffee filter art (using a dropper to drop liquid water colours on to the filters), then, all by herself, she decided that the finished filters would make great owls (she was totally right!). We made enough filters and owl for each of our Thanksgiving guests, and insisted that everyone put their owl under their plate for Thanksgiving dinner.

O is for Octopus

This was the last of our O activities – Munchkin painted a loo roll tube, then once it was dry we stuck on google eyes. I drew lines for her, and she cut up the sides of the loo roll to make octopus legs. However, the painting turned into much more – Munchkin painted her hand and did some fingerpainting, then wanted to paint my hand. After (directed by her) I made the print on paper, I was instructed to get glitter to shake onto the paint, and googly eyes to make a turkey. This was the same process they had followed at school to make a Thanksgiving card, and she was thrilled to help me create a project.

Spot It! Jr

Munchkin received this game last Christmas, but it’s never really been a success. At the mall, over the weekend, she tried to buy a new version of the game, prompting me to pull the version we already own out. This time we had a lot of fun playing the game, and played a few different times through the week. We were going to play with everyone on Thanksgiving, but, predictably, Munchkin changed her mind.

Number Match Puzzles

I pulled a few three part number match puzzles from a set we have. I did not pull out consecutive numbers, but did pull out numbers less than 10. She does know her higher numbers, but doesn’t have the attention span to count her teens too many times. She worked through these puzzles with me once, but I think that was it.

Thanksgiving Cards

I provided folded paper cards and stickers. Munchkin made cards for her grandparents, and was thrilled to be able to mail them with her very own stamps. As always, her writing cubby got near constant use. This week she could make Fall leaves, write notes in a notebook, make faces from stickers, and write lots of notes.

That’s all for this short week. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!



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