Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter I Week

The letter I is a tough one! I managed to come up with a few open ended activities, and then provided some other math and language works. Although not pictured, Munchkin’s letter writing cubby again featured a lot of use. This week, she had letter writing paper, some postcards, and different set of stencils (and her stencil work is really coming along!), some Thanksgiving stickers, and some more transfers I found. The transfers were really hard for her to rub across onto paper, so I helped with those. She wrote a couple of letters for her teachers at school, and we sent a package of letters off to her Great Aunt, along with the birthday picture made last week.

So far, I really haven’t had any trouble with Munchkin using her supplies incorrectly (drawing on walls, cutting things that shouldn’t be cut, etc). We talk a lot about respecting her environment, and I’ve always made it very clear to her that if she uses her materials incorrectly, then they will not be out for free access. This week I noticed some pencil marks on one of her shelves, and asked her about it. She said she’d drawn on the shelf. I explained that I was going to need to take all her pencils away for the rest of the day, and if she wanted anything, then she’d need to specifically ask for it. I also asked her to help me polish the area that was drawn on. We haven’t had any more troubles since then, though I have noticed that her scissors haven’t always been put away. With Little Sister becoming more mobile, this is something we are going to have to work on.

I is for ice painting

This was the first activity I thought of – I added some liquid watercolours to and ice cube tray, and stuck the water in the freezer. Munchkin had the ice cubes to paint on watercolour paper.

I is for ice experiments

Along with the ice painting, I gave Munchkin a bowl of warm water for when her fingers got too cold – this eventually turned into dropping the extra ice cubes into the bowl and seeing how long it took them to melt. We also placed an ice cube into a glass of oil, and placed it on a sunny windowsill to see what happened – the ice floated above the oil, but we got to watch water droplets fall to the bottom of the glass!

I is for ice cream playdough

I found an ice cream play dough mat on This Reading Mama’s Summer playdoh pack. I provided a couple of colours of playdough, some sequins and glass marbles. This stayed out on our shelves on a large tray all week. Munchkin and I talked about the playdough staying on the tray, and not moving onto the floor – and she did very well keeping it all contained. This is the first time I’ve left playdough out and let her use it without my supervision.

Montessori Teens Board

I made this board a while ago, and thought it was time to pull it out again. The board has nine number tens pinned in a column, then the unit cards are in a little box. Munchkin has seen this before, and worked through it with me. She lined the units up next to the tens in another columns, 1-9. She then moved the units over to cover the 0’s and make the teen numbers. Since the number names are not consistent she has struggled in the past, but this time she named all the numbers correctly.

This is all I got photos of this week, however, the following were also out for use:

Munchkin did make a Thanksgiving card for one set of grandparents and was thrilled to use her stamps and put it on our mailbox. I did see Munchkin using the spelling puzzle once or twice, and we had lots of fun making slime together, and it’s been out on the table all week!

Here’s our art wall:






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