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Letter B Week

Munchkin explored the letter B at home and at school this week. This wasn’t too hard of a week to come up with, and I found a couple of really great ideas for trays on Pinterest! Here’s what we got up to –

Letter Writing Cubby

As always, I rotated out her letter writing activities, and Munchkin used this multiple times a day. This week she had her family name cards, bear paper, butterfly stencils, envelopes, leaf scissor work, foam leaves and foam leaf stickers.

B is for Bells

I picked these bells up last year after Christmas. I pulled them out as a fun thing to play with, and so that Little Sister couold be involved too. These bells are great – they are completely sealed closed, so there is no danger of the ball coming out. We just ensured that Little Sister only held the non-glitter versions of the bells. Little Sister actually had a lot of fun placing the bells up on a bench and seeing them roll off.

B is for Buttons

Another item on our shelves was our dressing tasks cube. I specifically presented it with the button side up, but throughout the week Munchkin worked and played with different parts of the cube.

B is for Balancing

We picked this moon balance game up at a consignment sale before Munchkin was even born – her dad picked it out. We’ve had it out several times to work on sizing and stacking, but have never quite managed to play the game yet. Unfortunately we didn’t have time when I introduced the trays, and then I completely forgot to highlight it later in the week. I don’t think it got used this go around, perhaps we can play over the weekend.

B is for Boo Boo Bear

We call Band-Aid’s plasters in our house, so I had to rename this activity! This awesome printable pack came from Since I know Munchkin knows all her letters, and I was pretty sure she knew that upper and lower case letters relate to each other, I printed the uppercase bear with lower case plasters. Munchkin has also recently discovered plasters, and wants them for her own boo boos all the time, so this was perfect for her current interests. As it turned out, I was right and she had no problems matching the upper and lower case letters. We worked on several together, and then she did most of the rest throughout the week.

B is for Ballerina

Since starting this letter of the week theme, I’ve been trying to present open ended art, rather than craft projects, because Munchkin does projects at school – however, I teach dance, and I just couldn’t resist this ballerina craft project. It was also simple enough that I could present it to Munchkin, and then leave her to create on her own. I had doileys that were already cut into triangles, so that simplified the original craft. Munchkin made a bunch of these, and gave them to all kinds of people, including the guy who came to clean our air vents and duct work one afternoon!

B is for Barnacle’s Body

One of the first activities that popped into my head for the letter b was to trace an outline of Munchkn’s body and let her decorate it. When the time came to lie on the floor, she wasn’t into it, but she suggested that Barnacle (her dog) be traced instead. Perfect! More B’s! She was tickled to have him involved in our activities, and loved having his outline up on the wall to decorate all week.

B Recognition and Writing Practice

I found a couple of B printables in a phonics packet – this was mostly aimed at Kindergarten students, but I thought Munchkin might like a couple of them. She enjoyed tracing the b’s but wasn’t interested in the colouring page.

B is for bubble wrap painting

I love when things come packaged in little bubble wrap pockets – I save them for art time! This was a perfect project for B week. Munchkin is getting much better at pouring just enough paint from her paint pots. It seems that each colour pours at a different speed, and she will currently only pour the ones that run slowly – I get to pour the fast ones. I thought this made some really neat pictures.

B is for Butterflies

I had planned a butterfly painting activity for our Thursday morning (the one where you paint one side of the paper, fold in half and make a mirror image on the other side), but Munchkin said she did that at school on Wednesday morning. Instead, she asked to use glitter, so we made a birthday butterfly for her aunt. I placed contact paper on one side of a butterfly cutout, she shook glitter and sequins to her hearts content, then we covered the other side with more contact paper…and will hope it holds up in the mail! She then used glitter glue on the piece I cut out, and we did fold it in half and smoosh it together to make a mirror image.

We had lots of fun this week. Here’s the art wall:







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