Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter L Week

Munchkin’s school focused on the letter L this week, so we did too! Luckily Letter Writing starts with L – Munchkin is still obsessed with making little notes for people, scribbling notes, cutting out shapes, colouring pages or sticker pages then putting the bits in envelopes. Grandma put some real stamps in her Halloween basket, so (while I’m holding on to those) she has actually mailed a couple of letters this week. I am trying to remember to write her a note or two back every day so that she really stays enthusiastic about this.

Also still out is our rice bin. Munchkin specifically asked that I not put it away, just the Under the Sea animals. It’s been out all week with some cups and spoons. By far the most played with item by both girls.

Here’s what was on her shelves this week:

L is for Leaf Gluing

It’s time to pull out the November/Fall craft supplies! I cut and pasted a tree trunk onto paper, and provided fabric leaves for Munchkin to glue down. She actually only did one leaf and never finished the tree.

L is for Laundry

I had in inspired moment! An old shoe box with two holes poked and dowels taped down inside, some string across, and a little hole cut out with a dish to hold pegs, and a little plastic laundry basket to hold some of Little Sister’s socks! Munchkin still finds pegs hard, so this was great for her this week. She worked quite hard trying to get socks pegged on the line. While we were out and about we found some mini-pegs too, but these didn’t seem to fit the socks and line very well.

L is for Linking

I picked up these plastic Minnie Mouse links in Michael’s about a year ago, and forgot about them. I stumbled across them the other week, and they fit out letter L theme perfectly. Munchkin liked making bracelets from them.

L is for Lacing

Another standard L activity, these pasta kit came from a busy bag swap back when Munchkin was little. We had a good time making patterns together and necklaces for each other. Munchkin also had another lacing activity in her room during her quiet time. Since we just had lacing cards out, I didn’t pull those out this week.

Pencil Sharpening

Munchkin received a few pencils and a pencil sharpener for Halloween. Since she is so into writing letters, she should probably learn how to sharpen pencils. I gave her the blunt pencils and sharpener in a little tray, along with a plastic container to empty the sharpener, if it got full. She worked on this at various times throughout the week, and did get one of the four pencils all the way sharpened.

L is for Leaf Rubbing

One morning, we collected a few nice leaves from our driveway, and used them to make leaf rubbings. Munchkin didn’t like that the leaf moved under the paper, but she did get a pretty good print.

 L is for Lemon Tasting and Stamping

I saw this idea on Mama’s Like Me – and we have a lemon tree, so this was super easy! I cut a lemon in half and let Munchkin taste and poke at one half. We used the other half to make some lemon prints. It seemed to me like the lemon curdled the fingerpainf and made it lumpy. Very interesting!

Here’s the art wall for the week:



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