Adventures in Tot Schooling

Letter U Week

Letter U! Yikes! Since Munchkin is making all the usual crafts you’d expect at her pre-school, I’ve been trying to concentrate on very open ended art, and more Montessori inspired activities for her shelves and our time together at home. U is a hard one to come up with activities for, but I think we had a really good week in the end. Since building the Kallax shelves, and leaving Munchkin’s trays out all the time, we haven’t really been working on them together as much as I’d like. This week, I didn’t present her trays until Little Sister was napping, and we had one-on-one time together. This seemed to work much better, and we worked on all the activities together. Once she’d seen a tray, it stayed out on the shelf, and she could self-select as much as she liked. The letter writing cubby was easily the most used this week – helped out with some refreshed paper, stickers, and some note cards from Grandma.

U is for Under the Sea Bin

I found a lovely sea creatures printable, printed on both sides of the paper as directed, laminated, and cut out. I dyed a bin of rice blue (though it came out more green), and presented it. To start with, I only presented the rice and some cups and spoons. That let both Munchkin and Little Sister play. Both girls played really well together, and Little Sister was thrilled to be involved. She really didn’t try to eat the rice much – just on the cups. A couple of times through the week Munchkin asked if she and Little Sister could play with the rice together while I was getting food ready in the kitchen. When Little Sister wasn’t playing, we added the printed sea creatures and some other sea creatures we have. Munchkin stopped napping a couple of weeks ago, and requested the bin in her room during quiet time – and at this point I gave her the search and find sheet in a pocket protector. She said she search for the items a couple of times.

U is for Under the Table Colouring

This is a bit of a stretch as far as U goes – but it was lots of fun! I taped paper to the underside of Munchkin’s little table, and provided oil pastels for drawing. Munchkin hasn’t used oil pastels before. She mentioned drawing and making patterns while she drew. We did this one together – each of us with our heads under the table. We talked a lot about being under the table, and Munchkin was really tickled by the idea!

U Pattern Blocks

This was a total flop last week, but I thought I’d present it again, since my plan was to first present the trays when working together. Munchkin was quite happy to select the tray this time, and had no trouble putting all the pieces in place. The printable is from Confessions of a Homeschooler. We talked a little about the two different versions of the letter u.

U is for Umbrella

I dislike presenting the same type of tray two weeks in a row – this week the pattern blocks and dry-erase sheets were repeated (U is hard!). Munchkin worked through this once or twice, but it wasn’t a favourite. The printable is from

Nuts and Bolts

We haven’t had our nuts and bolts out for a while. I have four identical in size, and the four that differ in diameter. I should have separated out just the ones that differ in size and only presented those four, since Munchkin struggled with those in the past, but age must make a big difference – she had absolutely no trouble visually discriminating which nut belonged with which bolt, and twisting them together. Munchkin really liked this tray this week.

Teens Work

This tray remained out from last week, but it wasn’t looked at. Together we worked through some of it. I printed control cards from Every Star is Different, and provided the correct Montessori math bead bars. We talked about the golden ten bar, and how once she’d counted the ten bar a few times, she’s always know it meant the number 10. We only worked through a few teen numbers, then she wanted to line all the unit bars up in the short bead stair, so we did!

Cube Puzzle

I think this was only worked on when we worked together. It’s still pretty challenging for Munchkin to do alone. However, when we work together, she does do quite well.

We had a good letter U week. Not pictures are all the letters and notecards Munchkin “wrote” for us and her grandparents. She really does just love, love, love writing little letters for people and sticking them in envelopes at the moment.



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